Your ONE Minute with Dr. KRISSY – VIDEO

It’s TIME to celebrate your WINS!

DOPAMINE, our feel-good chemical is released in the brain every time we accomplish something and it activates our reward system.

DOPAMINE also helps our brain pay attention to what you did to accomplish that “feel-good” moment, including calculating what’s needed to repeat that action and achieve other goals.

Often, we interrupt this natural brain process by ignoring the “feel-good” moments in response to a WIN.
We might chose to suppress it and focus instead on the next task, the next assignment or the next job.

⚠️High achievers, this behavior is not healthy.

Regardless of the size of your accomplishment, you should take time to recognize it, celebrate it and reflect on it.

Your brain’s reward system will help you do this, if you let it. Take time to celebrate your WINS.

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