In 6 days we will be celebrating Mother’s Day. There’s no doubt becoming a mother is one of the happiest days of your life. Being a mother has its bittersweet moments where you love and protect your babies from cuts, bruises, and falls to allowing them to grow up and learn from their mistakes.

Watching a child struggle without stepping in to fix things for them I think is one of the hardest chapter of being a mother. 👉🏾 A child is someone you gave birth to even when they are grown up and have children of their own.

Parenting is a long, long journey with many happy AND heart wrenching moments. There are many challenges we never dreamed or imagined we would have to face like when a child is defiant, disrespectful, or untrustworthy. But life happens.

As much as we love our children… we can’t reduce the consequences for them making bad choices. But hopefully like getting a speeding ticket more than once we learn to stop speeding … so we pray and hope that our children will sooner than later learn the lessons of poor choices.

Take courage. Let faith arise. Remember every promise in God’s Word is a promise to us His children, and to our children’s children.

Isaiah 58:12 “You will build again the cities which became heaps of stones a long time ago. You will build your houses on the old foundations. People will call you, “Builders who mend the walls and the streets with their houses.”
Mothers, we cannot do life without God. A tree with strong roots laughs at the storms. Stay anchored to Christ. We are getting older with each passing day and we will not be here forever. Take care of yourself and let others take responsibility for their actions.

If we do the will of God, He will repair and restore the damage sin has done. We will pray that God will heal and build the walls that were broken down.

Prayer Time: Father, our children belong to you and no one can pluck them from your hands. We stand firm in faith that you will repair and restore the broken walls in our families. In Jesus Name, Amen

Discipline your children and teach them the right way when they are young, because trying to do it when they are older might be too late for them and yourself.

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