Saturday Morning POSITIVITY TEA ☕️

The thing about life is … it pushes you until you break just to see if you can put yourself back. Adult life is like a roller coaster. Some days you feel you’re in control and it’s easy to laugh out loud. Then there are other days you are screaming and falling apart thinking you are going to die.

Some days you get knocked out cold with scattered pieces of rubbish that leaves you feeling like a train wreck. The ride is rough but you’ve got to keep riding through the chaos.

You hear the screams of the siren getting closer to you but sadly it just passed by without stopping. That’s adult life. It pushes you until you break just to see if you will pull yourself out of the pit.

Can I lovingly remind you that EVERYTHING that happens on the roller coaster of life is tuition being paid for the lessons you learn in the School of Hard Knocks.

The heart wrenching experiences teaches us to be RESILIENT. Life never stops giving us those crazy emotions as we fly high and dip low on the roller coaster ride.

You are never the victim in any situation. No one can make you a victim BUT YOU. Heal and move on. You have things to do. People to meet. And bigger credits to receive on your graduation day.

My approach to anything that tries to tail-spin me into a whirlwind of emotions is – speaking to myself in the 3rd person. It goes like this – “June can get through this” instead of saying ‘I can get through this.’ It makes a big difference saying your name.

Our mind will believe whatever we tell it. If I speak fear, I will then become a flight risk to my own growth. But if I say to myself ‘June can get through this’ … I would have then challenged JUNE giving JUNE no other option but to bounce back landing on her feet.

Words make a big difference how you see yourself in those out-of-control wind of emotions. It also affects the way others see and hear you.

Unhealed emotions makes a person a victim. Resilience makes a person a HERO. No one can make you victim but you.

There’s a superhero inside all of us. Feed the one that makes you proud of yourself. You have the capacity to recover quickly without showing the scars.

Be you. Do you. Love you. Be your own wind beneath your wings 🦋

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