YOUR ONE MINUTE with Dr. KRISSY. Neuroscientist and Professor 🧠


Assumptions are beliefs that we hold to be true, often regardless of the facts.

In actuality our brain makes assumptions to save us time and energy. 👉🏾 The brain is wired to convince us we are right, even when we are wrong.

🤔 A psychological phenomenon called confirmation bias causes us to ignore information that is inconsistent with our beliefs.

It does this because 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 anytime we HEAR information that SUPPORTS our ASSUMPTIONS , the brain ACTIVATES areas in the prefrontal cortex associated with other reward.

❌ BUT these ASSUMPTIONS CREATE blind spots that PREVENTS you from seeing what is really going on. And it might be a STUMBLING BLOCK to progress that leads us in the WRONG direction. Especially when we value relationship and opportunities.

Ideally we need to shine a light on those blind spots and ASK QUESTIONS.

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