Dr. Krissy Doyle-Thomas – Video

✨Here are tips on how to move from LANGUISHING to THRIVING.

Using the PERMA model to move from languishing to thriving! 👇🏽👇🏽

👉🏽Increase POSITIVE EMOTIONS (create a gratitude practice, name your feelings, have fun)

👉🏽Increase your ENGAGEMENT (be honest about your feelings, take care of yourself)

👉🏽Improve your RELATIONSHIPS (connect with others, talk to a therapist or coach)

👉🏽Find MEANING (choose work wisely, give yourself grace, plan for your future)

👉🏽Celebrate your ACCOMPLISHMENTS (challenge yourself, set small goals,celebrate your successes)

💡The idea is that carefully cultivating each of these five areas leads to greater life satisfaction. If you are consciously experiencing more positive emotions, feeling present and engaged, cultivating healthy relationships, finding meaning in what you do, and celebrating, you’re doing more than just getting by. You’re thriving (or, in modern terms, “living your best life”).

📖Video and caption based on the article “Are you languishing? Here’s how to regain your sense of purpose.” By Allaya Cooks-Campbell

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