Monday Morning Conversation with June DOYLE

I do not try to make anyone think that I am very wise or either have it all together. It’s far from the truth. But I do try to be simple and honest when I speak or write to you reminding you that nothing is impossible for God to do.

Talking about JESUS may not be popular. It may even be perceived by others as being out-of-touch in today’s culture. But God’s wisdom is something that this world desperately needs to bring back hope, empathy and compassion.

Who do you talk to when you’re riding waves of grief? Who do you turn to when your world turns upside down and your heart has been shattered into zillion of pieces? Is it a WAKEUP call that we need a strong tower to escape the ruins of broken relationships?

If we don’t have struggles in life, we wouldn’t know the strength of our anchor. God is always up to something bigger and more promising when it seems like we are breaking under the pressure.

God is determined to bring out His best in us, long before the day we arrived in the delivery room. Instead of confiding in a person who is ‘SUPPOSEDLY’ able to predict your future by palmistry, using a crystal ball, or similar methods, take your feelings directly to God and remind your heart who God really is.

We don’t depend on other people’s guesses and opinions of what God had already mapped out for our lives before our birth day. The Bible warns us not to turn to other gods for help.

All those tears, sleepless nights, and fast heartbeats are trying to teach you one thing – GO TO JESUS.

When I can’t fall asleep, or even if I wake up feeling anxious, I would open my Bible, read the scripture for a while, say a prayer and suddenly the flood of thoughts starts to fall apart into bits and pieces…and before long I am fast asleep without a care in the world.

Somehow your spirit/conscience/gut feeling knows that God was speaking to you through His Word. Just as you exercise your body to make it stronger, you must exercise your faith to make it sharper and more sensitive to God’s voice.

It’s amazing how your perspective on life changes when you begin to talk to Jesus.

Faith thanks God in the middle of the mess. Faith thanks God in the middle of the night. Faith thanks God before the end of the story.

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