WEDNESDAY Morning Conversation with June Doyle

It can be frustrating when you see other people doing well while you’re struggling to make ends meet. What do you do when there’s nothing left to do?

Let me share with you my mother’s faith story through my eyes. My parents were married and together they had 11 children, however, it was my mom who left a lasting impression on our lives with her unshakable faith. She was a strong woman who didn’t bow to the pressure easily because she believed God will always be there to help her.

Everyone knows that raising 11 children in the early 40’s and late 50’s was no easy task, but I never once heard my mom complain about how difficult life was. She divided her love among 11 children and each child had all her love.

Her mustard seed of faith kept us alive, fed, healthy, happy and properly clothed. Every morning she gathered her children around her feet, read the Bible, then each one had a turn to pray before our day got started.

My mom’s running mate was God. I never saw my mom hold her head down in defeat. Instead, her voice could be heard throughout the house singing the old hymns as she stirred the pots minus meat during the week 🤷🏽‍♀️. Only on Sundays, the meat miraculously appeared on the plates 😂

My mom raised strong, well-rounded children, and did everything to make sure we grew up into good human beings. Even if she was fighting her own battles and exhausted both mentally and physically, nothing stopped her from finding the strength to do whatever needed to be done for her children.

My takeaway: When the world is complaining about the economy, don’t join the chorus. Instead, have crazy faith and make God your running mate, and don’t forget to keep your praises up 🎶

Don’t send your children out into the world unprepared. Send them out with your love, your prayers, and the assurance that you will always be there when they need you.

Strong mothers raise strong children.

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