March 13, 2023 Conversations with June Doyle

Remember no one will ever, ever, ever love you like Jesus and that’s a winner’s mentality.

We are so insecure about the speed our lives are going at that we unintentionally become overwhelmed with all the moving parts that make us slip right into trying to find quick solutions to problems that we don’t even have the capacity to resolve.

The next time that you feel like things are mentally getting out of control, say out loud, “The very hairs of my head are numbered by my Heavenly Father.”

We are living in very dark and evil days. The bad news is, Satan is after you, your children, your finances, your health more than ever before.

The good news is, God without you is still God.

But you without God is Satan’s rag doll.

Don’t let your heart fail because of Satan’s tactics. When Goliath challenged David, David said to the giant, “All the people gathered here will know that the Lord doesn’t need swords or spears to save people. The battle belongs to the Lord, and he will help us defeat all of you.”

If you lose everything, you still have God and that’s enough to start over again.

Prayer Time: Father, thank you that there’s nothing too little or too great for you to rule and overrule. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Today is another chance to put your trust in the eternal God. God never fails to show up and show off on your behalf. This is going to be a ‘God did it’ kind of week.

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