It’s the WeekEND

Simply amazing…we did it! We made it through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Thank God It’s Friday.

The only happy END… it’s knowing that it’s the weekEND.

I hope your weekend is definitely worth the wait.

Take time to laugh and hug your loved ones. Nothing in the world is worth more than spending time with those you love.

I hope I’ve accomplished my Friday’s goal …. making you smile.

Without YOU there will be NO ME …. so thank you for reading and following my blogs.

See you on Monday when I get to share my thoughts with you again.

No Guts No Glory

If you have NEVER questioned your parenting abilities hats off to you … you have done exceptionally well. But to the parents like me … we are our biggest critic. Our fears scream at us and we repeatedly question our parenting skills – Was it something I did or didn’t do? Where did I miss the mark? The what-ifs come fast and furious as we watch our babies grow up into adulthood.

It would be wishful thinking … but what if we had the internet, or Google, or even a mandatory class on Parenting back in the 70’s. I’m thinking that many of us would have become Professors on ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting.’ Parenting is a lifetime job and it definitely does not stop when they grow up or leave home. Becoming a parent is FOREVER even if they are successful and have a wonderful family.

Someone said, “Everyone knows how to raise children except the people who have them.” I’m leaving this one right here for you to think about. If you ask me … just know that I had four to raise … so my answer will be the obvious. Having one child makes you a parent. Having two or more … makes you say, ‘Ooooohhh’.

Job was a good, honest man who respected God and refused to do evil. He was the richest man in the East … had seven sons and three daughters. Like most families today … his children held big birthday parties, but Job was never invited. So far it sounds pretty much like most of our own family’s story. So don’t lose heart if you don’t get invited to the parties, it’s been happening centuries before we were born.

Even though Papa Job never attended the parties … he habitually prayed for his children when he knew the party was over and everyone was on their way back home. The ‘I can’t sleep’ nights until we know they are safely in their homes. We pray up a storm all night long for the souls of our children that they will find their way back to God before it is too late. The ‘Come to Jesus Prayer.’

Job’s prayer was for the hearts of his children to turn to God … not for their successes or their wealth … but for their spiritual well-being. The richest man in the East had a prayer life. The greatest gift we can give our children is prayer. We pray that their hearts will turn to God and they will not be enticed or drawn away by worldly living. Their spiritual well-being is the heart of the matter.

The Bible says, “And when the days of the feast had run their course…he would rise early and offer burnt offerings for the number of them all. For Job said [he prayed], ‘It may be that my children have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.’ (Job 1:5).

Parents, Job would rise up EARLY and pray for each one of his ten children. He knew if his kids were hosting parties … sin and ungodly behavior would make God turn His face away. Job didn’t mix his words when he was praying for his ten children. He was an honest man who respected and feared God, and understood the folly of his children. Prayer does no good if we as parents live in denial. This story was written in the Bible for our admonishment.

Dear God,

Give us as parents and our adult children wisdom and insight as we make decisions on the parenting values of our children, our careers, our marriages and the spiritual well-being of our families.

Guide us and protect us from evil and the appetites that want to destroy our families.

Let us be like Job who was faithful to You in the face of the evil that surrounded his family. May the present generation and the future generations be kept by Your Word so that we may not sin against You.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,


Faith OVERRIDES our Emotions

Our mind, intellect, reasoning, or brain does NOT produce FAITH. Faith develops in the incubator of our spirit. You cannot sit and reason out a situation and end up having faith, our faith will die with reasoning or if you decide to go intellectual. It goes beyond human comprehension.

The extremes that Satan will go to shake our confidence in God is mind blowing – ‘Does June fear You for no reason? Have you not put a hedge around her and her house? But stretch out Your Hand and touch all that she has, and she will curse You to Your face’ … is his most repetitive lines when he goes before God.

Sure enough, our TEST always turns into our TESTIMONY when God grants permission. So, we can’t just quit like that the day of the test.We are on an assignment. Faith overrides our emotions. Emotions stir up responses … and negative responses remove the Hand of God. Choose FAITH OVER EMOTIONS!

God CHOOSES the FOOLISH things of the world to SHAME the WISE. How long will we waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, then follow Him. But if we keep tripping and overreacting to a crisis … our faith will be destabilized, and that’s exactly the response Satan wants.

Some situations can get worse before God intervenes and announces the landslide victory. Why? Because a display of FAITH is more theatrical in the eyes of humans. When things are at its worse … everybody is watching. Can you imagine pouring buckets and buckets of water to light a bonfire? When God is about to display His mighty acts with water-soaked wood and logs … watch out…it’s a showstopper as it only takes a spark to get a fire going. Even the water will be consumed by the flames of the fire.

God has the solutions to everything we don’t have the solutions for.

Faith grows in the incubator of our spirit and it dies in logical thinking.

Elijah prayed for three and half years before he saw a cloud as small as a man’s hand RISING FROM the Sea. It’s silly to consider giving up on those things we’ve been praying about.

How long will we go between two opinions? If God be God, then follow Him, but if the other images you have in your mind be your choice, then follow them.

God CHOSE the WEAK things of the world to SHAME the STRONG. God CHOSE David a little boy to go fight the giant Goliath that the army feared. Now that’s theatrical at its finest. God never sees size, age, or logic. All He sees is someone who will dare Him to send them into the battlefield.

God CHOSE the LOWLY and DESPISED things of the world SO THAT NO ONE MAY BOAST IN HIS PRESENCE. There was a man with wealth and fame, and he had cancer…not even his money could change his condition. It was his young servant girl that courageously encouraged her master to go to the man of God for prayer. Naaman agreed and his health was restored. Money couldn’t change his condition but the servant girl’s faith made the difference.

People with wealth and fame are exposed to problems that money cannot solve. And the poor are always in need and have greater issues. I’m sure you don’t have to look far to agree with either of these statements.

For the MESSAGE of the CROSS is FOOLISHNESS to those are sinking in quicksand, but to us who are being saved IT IS THE POWER OF GOD.

Faith OVERRIDES emotions.

No Handpicking

Sometimes good people are forced to deal with some weighty issues in life while it appears that bad people live comfortable lives. Life sometimes gives us a ‘bad hand’ – and no one has the luxury of exchanging the life they were given. We can either choose to look at ourselves as a victim of  circumstances OR choose to prove we can overcome every impediment that was set in our pathway.

No one gets the pleasure of HANDPICKING their encounters in life; we simply get what we’ve been given WITH NO OPTIONS to exchange. One goal in mind – be intentional to win. WHATEVER your portion in life may be …think of it as your passport to the world. How you use what’s in your hand will determine whether you win or lose your slice of life.

My Tuesday Thoughts:

Your ‘bad hand’ doesn’t have to define you. You may have to skip a year due to the weighty issues of life … but never count yourself out. It’s okay to pause for a worthy cause but it’s never okay to quit.

It is what it is … sometimes you must get sick to get better. All sicknesses don’t lead to death. Some sicknesses are designed to show God’s incredible powers.

Sometimes while on our journey to a new act we may have missed a turn … sure enough the voice on the GPS will calmly let us know it’s recalculating our route. There are many ways to get to your destination. We were all created with a PURPOSE.

Let the people we admire inspire us to stay in the race. You may have missed a few good opportunities, but you are still better than a dead lion. Don’t perspire but being inspired.

Find your grasp without gripping about your past. There’s only one thing you can do about your past and it is to make it a chapter in your story. If you forget your past, you will forget the goodness of the LORD. Your past is an important part of who you are today.

As you increase your core strength you will perform the same routines you do every day with less risk, so it may hurt awhile but in awhile it will not hurt any longer.

Find your fortitude and don’t go solitude. Isolation keeps you away from other humans…you can only gain stamina in human relationships.

Go ahead and dip in the pool of humility, grit and bear the shame …don’t be a fool and stay in the sickness.

God does not ask for your ability, only if you are available, and if you prove you’re reliable, He will increase your capability.

Find your place of joy but don’t be a clown. Girls love to laugh. If you fall, pick yourself up but don’t keep falling to the enjoyment of others.

Stop saying sorry even when it is not at your fault…you are not a victim…your kindness must never be mistaken for weakness.

Tears don’t last forever. Sometimes all we need is one good cry to put back the fight into our soul. Let your tears cry. Learn. Move on.

Sit in the class and then walk out with class. You cannot change what you are not willing to confront. Accept it as a credit to your future plans. Some lessons in life can only learn the hard way, some are learnt from observing others, and some are learnt from reading.

Don’t let one bad year keep you stuck where you don’t belong. You rested but you didn’t quit. You are still standing. Be brave. Be kind. Dream big. Think happy thoughts. Give your current life a wink …your future depends on your next move.





Straight from the Heart

There are so many times when I’m looking to God to give me confirmation that He’s hearing my prayers and then suddenly it appears like if He just stepped back and became a spectator. In times like these I’m literally thinking in my head – ‘Hello God, have you taken the position of a spectator to see what my next move will be if I don’t get the confirmation I’m looking for?’ So, I giggle my way out of the thought because chances are…that’s exactly what God is doing.

There are times when we don’t hear from God the way we imagine … we run off in haste and build little gods with great anticipation that they will answer us faster than waiting on THE ONLY TRUE and LIVING GOD … biggest mistake.

From personal experiences I know whenever I become easily overwhelmed and emotional it’s a sign that I’m spending more time listening to my anxious thoughts instead of taking notes of what I’m hearing from God. It’s a no-brainer. The answer is obvious – I’m not hooked up to the right line … there’s a cross line.

Faith in God means a wise person keeps themselves and their thoughts under control. It’s beyond our wildest dreams what really happens when we pray. Pray changes our thinking and our thinking changes our view. When the views are changed…hope increases, and miracles happen.

One morning this week I was sitting alone on my back patio and I captured a mental picture of a child holding a helium balloon running across a wide-open field with great excitement as the balloon soared into the open heavens. What happened next was this child’s greatest nightmare…the balloon escaped leaving only a string tied to the child’s hand. The child’s tears bought so much grief to my heart as I watched on in a trance.

I wondered for a moment how much God loves us even when we run off with great enthusiasm doing our own stuff NEVER once thinking that the height will cause our helium balloon to expand and the balloon will pop leaving a string of tears and painful consequences.

What happens if the balloon of life pops while we are running across the field playing with our life? Who is holding our strings? God comforts us that we will comfort others. Don’t get your phones lines crossed, everybody needs God and waiting is part of the process. Our tears bring so much grief to God’s hearts while He’s faithfully holding on to our strings.

The Balloon of Life oftentimes pops and the excitement disappears, and you will be left in tears. But, our continued prayers will keep our anxious thoughts under control. When the balloon pops… God is still holding on to the string. When our views are changed, Hope increases, and Miracles happen.

He’s got the whole world in His hands. He’s got my children in His hands. He’s got your children in His hands. He’s got our spouses in His hands. He’s got our brothers and our sisters in His hands. He’s got the tiny little babies in His hands. He’s got our fathers and our mothers.

He’s got you in His hands. He’s got everybody everywhere in His hands. He’s got the whole world in His hands.

Be cautious of who’s holding your strings. Wait on the LORD, He’s got it all under control. 


Let’s Laugh Again

Good morning beautiful people – It’s Friday! What you choose to focus on determines the level of happiness you would enjoy.

Set one goal that you want to accomplish this weekend and that should be to laugh a little more.

It’s time to laugh out loud. It’s FRIDAY!

Here’s to a phenomenal weekend. Take time to enjoy the view and don’t forget to hug your loved ones.

See you on Monday when I get to share my thoughts with you again.

Without YOU, there’s no ME. So thank you for sharing my first week back from my Summer vacation.

When the Cup is Empty

I wanted to write…but somehow the blank pages stared right back at me…I had a ‘writer’s block’. So I decided to write about the emptiness of my cup. Why do I feel so empty when most days I can write from an overflow…I asked myself.
The answer came back to me loud and clear…”There are many persons who live everyday with an empty cup…and it’s good for you to understand how it feels when your cup (life) is empty.”

Let’s be real, it’s not about being happy or sad…but being empty. An empty cup is a meaningless life. A meaningless life feels like an adult trapped in a kid’s body. Your favourite things don’t even interest you anymore. You look out the window and you see a world you don’t belong in. It’s a lonely life. It’s a life where your story changes everyday.

I began to imagine how someone with a meaningless life feels. It’s like someone born into an affluent family like the prodigal son who demanded all of his inheritance at once to go explore the world far away from the one he knew. He was excited to indulge in his own pointless passions without the constraints of his father. He was like the curious cat that sneaked up to the mouse trap. Surprises, surprises, surprises.

The folly of his wayward ways bought him an empty meaningless life eating food from a pig’s pen after squandering ALL his inheritance …party after party lead to poverty. Without money and family he soon realized that life is far more complex than he assumed in the comfort of his father’s kingdom.

Looking back in his rearview mirror he came to his senses that life is a circle. I’ve got to go back if I want to survive the crash.

There are survival skills that are crucial to having a meaningful life and HOPE must be added to it. To survive a crash …we need hope that things can get better even if you are miles away from your starting point eating at a pig’s farm. Life is NOT meaningless and your last chapter doesn’t have to be written at your present location.

We must start looking above the sun and the world in which we live. There’s another world where God lives and He comes to meet you right where you are bringing HOPE to a meaningless life.

No life is meaningless. But, it’s got to be a choice only you can make. The prodigal son had to leave where he was to get the help he desperately needed.

A meaningless life can be meaningful if we have the right ingredients. Hope, faith, and trust in God.

When your life is dark and meaningless…there’s a Heavenly Father waiting for His prodigal son and daughter to come home. In your most difficult season of life…God can bring meaning to it.

God uses our greatest mistakes and the wrong turns in our lives for greater purpose. Stop beating yourself up. Our mistakes don’t surprise Him. Let it go! Get back your passion! Withholding nothing will get you to the finish line.