Unimaginable Hope

When everything within you tremble and shake – pull yourself together and hold fast to God’s promises that are unbreakable. So many things are being shaken around us and uncertainty blossoms with each passing day. 2020 is the year of changes.

Everywhere there is chaos and a whole lot of uncertainty in an extraordinary way. Our society appears to be shaken with the rattling noises of the outside world.

We are reasonably angry and hope for a better tomorrow looks grim. Let us root for each other and watch each other get through this year.

Everything we face in this life is part of the journey that was mapped out by God for us. We will come out stronger and wiser than we were the day before.

Today’s chapter is tomorrow’s story. We cannot get past the noise and chaos on our own – we need each other. 2020 will awaken us to the truth that no one person is an island.

We were never meant to do life alone. We need each other. Loneliness will leave many victims of a cold heartless world. To have a friend you must first be a friend.

Proverbs 13:20 (MSG)says, “Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.”

Choose your friends wisely so when difficult times come, and the dust is settled a wise friend always proves to be a good friend. We can all learn from each other.

Many things we learn to do in life we learned from watching others. Anyone who think he or she knows everything is doomed to fail. We all have something to offer and when arranged on the table it multiplies.

The things that matter most are our faith, family, and friends. Even if you cannot see the end of the journey, we must choose to keep walking by faith and not by sight.

Someone said, ‘I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining. I believe in love, even when I am alone. I believe in God, even when He is silent.’

What a year 2020 has been – the shaking has been going on for a very long time and in relation to all of this we ought to remember that Jesus said if we build our trust on solid rock when the rain pours down, and the river becomes flooded, and a tornado hit – nothing will move that house. It was fixed to the rock Jesus Christ.

When everything else is shaken the throne of God can never be shaken. Find your circle of friends and learn to lean heavy on the promises of God.

Not one of God’s promises ever failed to be fulfilled. There is a promise for everything we face in life. When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, He never disappoints us.

God is always with us – we will not fear. God is always in Control – do not doubt.  God is always good – do not lose heart. God is always watching – we will not fear.

The Girl without a Voice

We build solid relationships with the hope of finding security, but we keep God as a third wheel moving around with us for emergency cases only. God cannot be your defense if you build houses for yourself but keep Him in temporary tents for your emergencies. God requires stability. He is not on house call duties – call today and gone tomorrow.

The lyrics of the song ‘His eye is on the sparrow’ have many times reassured me when there were more questions than answers. I knew I had a constant friend in Jesus. The Word tells me God’s eye is on the sparrow, so I know God watches over me. Discouragement cannot overstay its time.

There once was a little girl in a faraway country without a voice. As this little grew she only use her voice to cheer for everyone running in the race of life. One day life handed her a bag of lemons and she sat and pondered on the whys, the what ifs, who did it, and where it was done. Then her inner voice spoke up loud and clear and said, ‘You can write your words until you are brave enough to speak.’

Today, this little girl wrote her words and her voice is echoed throughout the world. I am that little girl who no one heard my voice while growing up.

I thank everyone who listened to my voice and applauded me in the public arenas. The loud applause made me brave and reassured me that my voice matters.

The plane has landed with Grown Up Conversations on-board. Amazon has released my first book and it is now available online. Thank You Jesus for being the PILOT of my plane.

Thanks to my online readers who applauded and supported my dream. Thanks to my incredible husband for partnering with me for the last 47 years. To my four wonderful daughters thank you for the experiences of being your mother. To my amazing sister Joy for holding my hands from when I was that little girl without a voice to having a clear, loud voice.

God stood with me and give the strength to speak up on the very topics that once held me in bondage. He used me as a vessel to carry the light to others. When life gives you, lemons throw a reading club party.

When you make God your partner, He will serve you a six-course dinner right in front of the whole world. He straightens your drooping head, and your cup will overflow with blessings. God comes alongside you and gives you peace.

Prayer time: Master God, being the God You are, speaking affirming words as You do, and having just said that You will give all Your children rest from their enemies all around, please, just one more thing – Bless our families and keep your eye on them always. Let those who do not have a voice be heard across the world bringing hope to all. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Please support me and purchase my first book – Grown Up Conversations by June Doyle. I am the girl who did not have a voice.You can place your order on Amazon.com. God bless

Straighten Your Crown

I appreciate all my relationships and experiences that life has allowed to come my way. Every season from the cradle to who I am today has launched me into the person I always dreamt of becoming. I chose to become better and not bitter whenever life handed me something unpleasant. I know I do not have to be perfect – I only need to be me.

When you realize that you can be a better version of yourself you will never want to go back to who you were yesterday. I did not change overnight like the stories you read in books. It took me years moving slowly to discover there is a better edition of myself in the making. I am strong because I had to face my weakness and I fought long and hard to get out of the self-imposed cage.

I switch from being helpless to growing and healing. I intentionally change from trying to make everyone happy, living in the past and doubting myself. Sometimes the people you wish would be part of your life you soon realise that they were only meant to be a chapter. Life will never be perfect just make it happen and shock everyone.

To open a new door, you must be ready to close the other one first. You cannot stand between two doors. It may be scary, but it is necessary. Saying goodbye to the old you will open new opportunities for you to become bolder and stronger. Accept the new you. Let go of the old and have faith in what lies ahead. No one writes a new chapter by re-reading the last one.

Many times, we wait and wait for the right time which makes it so much more stressful. We do not need to know all the answers. Just breathe and take small steps. There comes a time when all the things that took up so much space in your head will become stories of freedom bringing hope to others.

God is the One who made you in the first place and He says to you – “Do not be afraid, I have called your name and you are mine. When you are in over your head, I will be there for you. When you are between a rock and a hard place, it would not be a dead end – because I am God , your personal God.” Isaiah 43:1-2

In all things God works for the good of all those who love Him. On the darkest days when you feel inadequate and unworthy remember that God will do anything to get you back under His wings. So, straighten your crown you have survived what you thought would have destroyed you.

Yes, you can! You are strong and capable of greater things!

Help! I am a Mommy!

Someone said, if you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl or boy watching who wants to be just like you – you should not disappoint them. The nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb comes back to me while I am writing. Everywhere Mary went the lamb was sure to go even when it was against the rules the lamb still lingered near. Why?

There is an unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Everything we do as mothers there are little eyes that are looking. They will one day act out exactly whatever they have been witnessing. Kids are like a mirror, what they see that is what they will do. Through good times or bad times those little eager eyes and ears linger around mimicking our tones and behavior.

I have come to realize that regardless of what parenting style you adopt children enjoy and learn best by observing their parents. It is naïve to assume that children will not do what they see you doing. The phrase ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is the most hypocritical order known in the world’s book of parenting. To tell a child who is looking up at you not to imitate your behavior but to obey your instructions is deceitful and desperately wicked.

The more a child knows the details of their parent’s life will either make that child an added value to society or a menace to society. Children learn by observing. They do not listen when we speak. There is a saying, ‘Give a child the right shoes and they will conquer the world.’ Your guess and my guess are true if this is reverse – ‘Give a child the wrong shoes and he or she will bring shame and disgrace to the mother.’

As parents it is important to model what we want to see in our children. A child that is unhappy never stop loving their mothers, they stop loving themselves. A child’s psychologist said, ‘Misbehavior is a child’s way of communicating there is an unmet need.’ Placing a child on timeout is giving you a break but it is not communicating anything to your child but fear of not wanting to be alone again.

All problems have solutions. We do not have to be perfect to be a good parent but we first respect ourselves so our kids can grow up to be healthy citizens.

Find your child’s love language:

  1. Positive affirmation. Be positive when communicating
  2. Touch. Hugs, holding hands, anything to do with touching
  3. Time together. Quality time doing things you both enjoy
  4. Acts of service. Cooking dinner together. Packing the dishwasher
  5. Gifts. Remembering birthdays are important. A little surprise on any given day adds happiness

Mommy’s goal is when her children are grown, they should still be looking forward to coming home. When they have a crisis, home is where they run to. Keep the love languages on your door post and write them on your heart.

To my girlfriends, we are braver than we believe. We are stronger than we feel. We are smarter than we think. Find the tribe that will elevate and inspire you when you need a jump start.

Grown Up Conversations


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All is Not Lost

Everything in life starts with small beginnings. A tiny seed is dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light every day until it grows into a mighty tree. We are somewhat like plants just a little more complicated as we have emotions. Our thoughts are the seeds we plant but they bring on varied emotions.

Our thoughts will either grow flowers or grow weeds – depending on what we have planted. Today you plant a thought and when that thought takes deep roots overnight, it grows into desires and before long it becomes your new reality. That is just how scary seeds of thoughts are. You never know what mighty tree is growing.

Whatever gets inside your mind will either weigh you down or lift you up. Not every person or thought that comes knocking on your door should be let in. I am extremely cautious with who or what I let occupy my mind. There is a quote I like – “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them.”

In other words, do not let what is happening around you get inside of you. It will only weigh you down and kill your roots. You do not need a new year to start over. Just change the seeds that you are planting. Hate no one no matter how much they have done you wrong. Think the best of each other and never stop praying for the best for everyone.

Watch your thoughts and if you get tired rest but do not oversleep. Look for the beauty in yourself and keep feeding it. Bloom where you are planted. You have no control who like you just simply be the best version of yourself. A year from today you will be happy you planted great thoughts.

Be kind to your mind by staying grateful. Stop carrying around weighty thoughts they will kill your potential. We all have failures and scars, but we continued to believe the best despite them.

It is unwise to wish you were someplace else or with someone else. You are right now where God has planted you. Live and obey and love and believe God right where you are today. God, not your status defines your life. You cannot be happy or live in peace without Jesus.

Faith is like a little seed it will grow. Talk to God because He is always listening. It is more productive than planting negative thoughts. In the end God makes everything beautiful and in its time. Whatever God does that is the way it’s going to be. Always. No addition, no subtraction. God settles it.

So, we will quit asking questions and simply trust God. A woman that believes God is clothed with strength and self-respect. She laughs without fear of the future.

Let us root for each other and grow together. Hang in there. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. We need to make a decision on what kind of seed to plant with the time that is given to us.

Cheers to the Strong Women

For many of us we would have had to fight our way out of the slippery slope of the human life cycle. It is sometimes a difficult climb out of infancy, toddler years, childhood, puberty, older adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and the senior years. Why is it difficult for some of us? Sadly, we get shackled into the period of life where people first met us.

I once met a young woman named Hannah. She was teased by others for her infertility. She was a woman with low self-esteem who people often made derogatory remarks belittling her in social gatherings. During one of her family’s gatherings Hannah had enough of the ridicule. She did not lash out, but she knew deep within herself it was time to do something.

She left the dinner table and went straight to God with her request. She refused to be remembered as woman of no worth. Hannah with unwavering faith persisted in prayer for a child. God honored her prayers. Hannah had many children. She refused to remain known as the woman that was childless. She broke the stigma by accepting God’s promise with unwavering faith.

Then here is a fascinating story about Jesus. After Jesus was finished teaching – the crowds of people gather around Him. He left them and returned to his hometown. Everyone in his hometown was impressed with His teaching. The people who gathered to hear Him teach said among themselves – “We had no idea he was this good! How did he get so wise, get such ability?”

But in the next breath they were criticizing Him saying, “We’ve known him since he was a kid; he’s the carpenter’s son. We know his mother, Mary. We know his brothers James and Joseph, Simon, and Judas. All his sisters live here. Who does he think he is?” Sadly, Jesus’s own home folks refused to accept Him. To them – He was just a carpenter’s son.

Listen my girlfriends, sometimes it is a difficult uphill battle to progress in life when folks closest to us keep us shackled to the stages they remember us. They maybe impressed with what they hear and see but to them you will always be the carpenter’s daughter, the girl next door, or the barren woman. It you are in Christ – your past will not have the last word over your future.

Be thankful for your struggles. Be thankful for your past. Be thankful for the lessons you have learned. Be thankful for the people you met. Without them you may have never stumbled across your strength. You are not outnumbered. You are not the underdog. You are not the feeblest among them. You are not the black sheep of the family. You are not the least educated.

It is written in God’s Word that you are above and not beneath. You are the first and not the last. He knows the plan He has for you. He will prosper you and give you hope and a bright future. Walk with God and obey Him. Do not tell me that God cannot work with the least to bring the strong and the mighty down.

If God is giving the orders – you are on the winning side. In the end the outcome is always made in Heaven. You can totally do this before your expiry date.

I pray you will find your purpose and no longer feel like you must wait for the approval of others. You are not broken. You are becoming. The End.