Keep me from Anything Evil

It’s been said that hurting people hurt others…and that’s how pain passes on from generation to generation. Employee to boss. Co-worker to co-worker. Husband to wife. Neighbor to neighbor. Friend to friend.

There was a man named Jabez, whose mother named him Jabez… because his birth was so painful. The mother out of her pain named her own child Jabez as a reminder of what she had to endure during her childbirth.

Mama Jabez, what were you thinking? For at least three scores and ten this innocent child would have had to live with his name.

Sometimes, as parents we must pause and reflect on what are we passing on to our children? Hurting people hurt others? Your mother hurts you, you hurt the child, the child hurts others, and the cycle continues on to the next victim leaving a trail of pain.

But…thank God for our ‘buts’…the Bible says, ‘But Jabez prayed to the God of Israel, be near to me and don’t let anyone hurt me! Then I would not have any pain.” And God gave Jabez what he asked for.”

So is it possible to break the cycle of hurting people hurting others? Most definitely – Jabez knew what he wanted and prayed about it. And God granted his request.

Praying bold prayers shows that you believe in the sovereignty of God. As the saying goes, “The buck stops here.” In the past we could spread the pain, but now the buck stops here. God can turn our pain into purpose.

God is interested in every detail of our lives. He knows our hurts, He feels our pain, and He’s waiting to grant us our requests.

Why would anyone think about holding someone hostage because of past pain or a longtime grudge?

Just when it looks like things are falling apart, God is waiting to step in and put things back together. He makes a way and the pain we feel today…we will feel it no more. God grants each one of us our requests.

I smile because each and every day I must give my pain to God. We don’t have to be exhausted from trying to feel stronger each and every day. Just pray about it and God will grant you your request.

I Luv Fridays

Let’s get this weekend started. No whining! No complaining! Only hugs and smiles.

It’s Friday…so it’s time to smile 😊. Then type true or false after reading today’s jokes….

Thank God its Friday! Finding more to smile about because a happy heart is thankful heart.

Thank you for being a part of my life. Without YOU reading …. my writing will not be worth it.

Signing off from writing until next Monday. Stay safe! Stay happy! Stay free!

What’s Rocking The Boat?

In a big city you are surrounded with people that are liberal where life happens at a faster rate. The car horns, the sirens, the bright lights, and the uncaring crowds means that you are never alone.

In the small towns there’s nothing much to do, but it’s pretty safe, and away from the madness of the urban lifestyle of blaring ambulance sirens and uncaring neighbors.

The big city lifestyles eliminate boredom rather quickly but it definitely comes with a high cost.

There was a guy named Jonah who God summoned to go to a big city and warned the people of the evil things that was happening there. But Jonah became intimidated and fled from the presence of the LORD. He decided to go on a boat cruise to the opposite side of town.

The LORD being God will use this as a teaching moment for Jonah.

The LORD who controls the ocean and dry land created a great storm on the sea that caused havoc on the boat till the boat was about to be wrecked by the tossing of the water.

The passengers began praying to each of their gods to silent the raging storm while Jonah ‘just happened’ to be in the lowest part of the boat fast asleep.

Running away from God puts you into a deep sleep in the lowest parts of the boat totally oblivious to what’s taking place around you…a dangerous position to find yourself in.

The captain looking for any reasonable explanation for the violent rocking of the boat finds Jonah asleep.

Captain wakes Jonah up and said, “What do you mean, sleeper? Wake up and call on your God; perhaps your God will consider us, so that we may not die.”

The sailors on the boat while looking for answers asked Jonah who he was? Jonah told the men that he was running away from the LORD. This is very fishy behavior.

Jonah responded, ” I am a Hebrew and I worship the LORD, the God who made the sea and the dry land….pick me up and throw me into the sea; then the sea will become calm for you.” Really Jonah?

Our disobedience can create storms that can wreck our boats putting everyone else at risk.

So the men threw Jonah into the sea. The storm stopped. The sea became calm. Yep, the boat cruise continues on without Jonah…and Jonah is in survival mode alone in the ocean.

When the men saw that the storm subsided ... they began to fear and respect Jonah’s God. The God who speaks to the wind and sea is always in control of the elements.

The sailors on the boat got a close up view of the God who is always in control of our circumstances.

When Jonah fell into the sea, the LORD chose a big fish to swallow him, and he was in the stomach of the fish for three days and three nights.

Really? Why did Jonah think God was not going to be dramatic about his rebelliousness?

I’m wondering what could be rocking our boats? Who is asleep in the lowest part of the boat? Who is the Hebrew that once worshipped and fear God?

Could it be that someone on the boat is running from God?

God still can hear our prayers from the fish’s belly and He will answer.

When our hope is all gone, we must remember the LORD and He will help us.

Feeling hopeless in the midst of the storm is a signal to call on God. Don’t do life without God.

“And the LORD spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah on to dry land.”

God can speak to the storm; the ocean; the fish; our fellow sailors; the captain of the boat; or any form of disturbances in our lives. Yes, He can! Yes, He will!

Wise People Ask Questions and Then Listen by Rick Warren

“People’s thoughts can be like a deep well, but someone with understanding can
find the wisdom there.” (Proverbs 20:5 NCV).

If you want to be wise, learn to ask wise questions—and then listen.

Proverbs 20:5 says, “People’s thoughts can be like a deep well, but someone with understanding can find the wisdom there” (NCV).

In other words, everybody’s got something to teach you.

It’s like deep water in a well, and you’ve got to draw it out of them.

How do you draw the wisdom out of every person?

By learning to ask smart questions.

As I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve asked questions of taxi cab drivers and prime ministers, and they’ve each taught me something.

You can learn from anybody if you know the right questions to ask!

One of the things I’ve learned is that I have never learned anything while I’m talking.

If my mouth is moving, I’m not learning.

You don’t learn when you’re talking. You learn when you’re listening.

So you’ve got to learn to listen.

I’ve done an awful lot of interviews over the years, and I’ve noticed that the interview shows have changed. They’re no longer about the
guest. They’re about the interviewer.

The whole goal of the interviewer is to draw attention to himself.

You can learn from anybody, but you’ve got to be willing to ask questions and then listen. That’s the mark of a wise person.

Try to spend a whole day focused on listening rather than talking.

What difference does it make?

What do you communicate to someone when you ask a question and then listen to the answer with focus and interest?

What would be an example of wise question?

Rick Warren has helped people live with hope and on purpose for more than 40 years. He’s the founding pastor of
Saddleback Church in Southern California and author of several books, including The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven


Oswald Chambers said, “The miracle of the grace of God is that He can make the past as though it had never been.”

That’s pretty cool!

A miracle of the grace is when God deliberately chooses men and women that the culture of the world overlooks and exploits and abuses, the ‘nobodies’, the imperfect person, and the insignificant ones – transitioning them into their greatest season in life where they can no longer be ignored.

It’s just the nature of God to use the least of the least to display His glory so that no human can brag or boast in His Presence. It’s a humbling moment of divine grace.

When we engage God in our daily life, He dramatically changes our story to His story. The more we remain hidden in Christ is the brighter the light shines around us.

Darkness cannot hide God. The night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light is the same to God.

The God of Israel is the Restorer of all things broken and He’s the mastermind behind redeeming time.

God is determined to display a ‘Miracle of Grace’ in our lives.

Restoration and recovery start with a dream. Give God something to work with, and He will restore it with beauty.

Every time we obey Him, He gives us further instructions. We will never be put to shame. We will be beyond reproach.

Stay with God!

He Will Do It Again and Again

God’s promises are for those who will not grow weary of waiting.

We live in a world where some folks think that if they prayed about their problems at 7am in the morning that God should answer before the close of business the same day – otherwise they will move on to other options.

Too often we give up on God answering our prayers because we hate waiting.

The secret to God’s timing is to develop our character. Our character is what makes us unique.

Someone once said, “Ability may get us to the top, but character will keep us there.”

Many people sincerely believe that they know God and very frequently can quickly quote His promises, but when God goes silent as He often does…the real character of the person shows up – they will either grow faint and run off to unimaginable resources, or wait in their prayer rooms until God answers.

God develops our character by our willingness to patiently wait on His timing. Running ahead of God or turning to other options unfortunately sends us right back to the starting position.

God’s ‘silent treatment’ is a test to build trust and intimacy with Him. God is not a genie in a bottle. He’s not a popcorn machine. He’s not interested in microwave prayers either.

He enjoys intimate moments with us as we listen to His thoughts. He gets to know us and we get to know Him. It’s all about relationship and not head knowledge.

God never grows weary listening to our repeated prayers. He empowers us each and every time by giving us sufficient grace to wait on His timing.

He is really after building our character.


There’s something about Friday being Friday that makes you feel bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

Regardless of what this past week threw at us, we thank God it’s Friday.

Let’s get ready to laugh again. It’s that day of the week when we loosen up and let ‘old man’ stress go.

We got to week #37 of 52 weeks. We deserve a round of applause. Look like we will finish the year stronger than we taught.

It’s not about how we start …but how we finish. 15 more weeks before we say farewell to 2018. Let’s do this!

See you on Monday – Week #38 of 52 weeks.

I’m shouting a BIG THANK YOU to everyone of you. You have been a great reading audience.