Smile it’s Friday

A thankful person is a happy person. There’s always, always, always something to be thankful for. May we never stop giving thanks.

My life is so blessed with some of the most amazing people. Thank you for being part of my journey. I trust today’s funny quotes will bring a smile to your face.

It’s FRIDAY EVERYBODY!! Time to laugh.

To all, have a thankful fabulous weekend. Don’t stop hugging your loved ones.

See you on Monday when I get to share my thoughts with you again. Without YOU, there’s no ME!

Born To Win

Sometimes good people are forced to deal with some weighty issues in life while it appears that bad people live comfortable lives. Life sometimes gives us a ‘bad hand’ – and no one has the luxury of exchanging the hand that they were given. We can either choose to look at ourselves as a victim of circumstances OR choose to prove we can overcome every impediment that was set in our pathway.

No one gets the pleasure of HANDPICKING their encounters in life; we simply get what we’ve been given WITH NO OPTIONS to exchange. Keep one goal in mind – we must be intentional to succeed. WHATEVER your portion in life may be …think of it as your passport to the world. How you use what’s in your hand will determine whether you win or lose your slice of life.

My AHA Thoughts:

Your ‘bad hand’ doesn’t have to define you. You may have to skip a day or a year due to the weighty issues of life … but never count yourself out. It’s okay to pause for a worthy cause but it’s never okay to quit.

Sometimes you must get sick to get better. All sicknesses don’t lead to death. Some sicknesses are designed to show God’s incredible powers and to give Him the glory.

Sometimes while on your journey you may have missed the exit … whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

You may have missed a few good opportunities, but you are still better than a dead lion. Be inspired.

There’s only one thing you can do about your past … make it a steppingstone and write the chapter into your book. If you forget your past, you will forget how God delivered you from past. Your past is an important part of who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow.

As you increase in confidence … your value goes up and life gets brighter … quitting will never be an option.

God places lonely people in families. He leads prisoners out of prison into productive lives, BUT REBELLIOUS people MUST LIVE in an unproductive land.

God never asks about your ability; He only asks if you are available. When you prove you’re reliable, He increases your opportunities.

Tears don’t last forever. Sometimes all you need is one good cry to put back the fight into you. For God does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.

Sit in the class and then walk out with Class. You cannot change what you are not willing to confront. Accept it as a credit to your future. Some lessons in life can only be learned while on the job.

Don’t let one bad year keep you stuck where you don’t belong. You rested but you didn’t quit. You are still standing. Be brave. Be kind. Dream big. Think happy thoughts. Give your current life a wink …your future depends on your next move.

Finally, Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, “I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time.”




Delay vs Denial

Our lives are like an open book before God. Our thoughts and our words are known to God before we speak one sentence or share one thought. Absolutely nothing is hidden from God. It’s funny how we apologize profusely if we have an ‘oops’ moment during our conversation with each other or if someone overhears our embarrassing conversations. But with God … life goes on without missing a beat.

And what about those thoughts? The LORD knows the thoughts of human beings that they are sometimes void of understanding. If some of our thoughts were to appear written across our faces … they can be very disturbing to say the least.

To know that nothing escapes God’s attention … yet He remains gentle towards us with all our faults, mistakes, and ugly thoughts is mind blowing. God’s love is bigger than our mistakes, bigger than our faults, bigger than our confusion, bigger than anyone could ever imagine. God’s love is like an ocean. We will never in a million years find this kind of love in a human being.

In seasons of anxiety and fear we can find great comfort knowing that God’s got us even when our faith in Him is at it’s lowest. When we become nervous of His timing … He has commanded us to be strong and of good courage. In other words, quit behaving like children and act as grownups. Don’t allow the situations to bully and intimidate us with those disturbing loud voices.

God’s love surrounds us till all those fears are gone. It doesn’t mean that we just sit on the couch waiting for God to do whatever we have asked Him to do. We’ve got to work the Word while standing strong and being of good courage despite what appears to be a delay. A delay is not a denial so work the Word.

An angel told Daniel ‘Do not be afraid Daniel, for from the FIRST DAY that you purposed to understand and to humble yourself before your God, YOUR WORDS WERE HEARD, and I HAVE COME IN RESPONSE to them. HOWEVER, the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me for twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me….”

It’s very encouraging to learn from this verse that from the FIRST DAY that Daniel prayed … his WORDS were heard … but because of the demonic activities in high places his prayers were hindered. The battles we fight are never against each other … it against powers and rulers of the darkness of this world.

We are commanded to be strong and of a good courage praying without giving up. We leave nothing for chance but pray about everything letting God know what’s on our mind. Many of us pray but we quit praying because we don’t receive the answers. A delay with God is never a ‘No’ from Him.

We do not lean on our own understanding of the situation at hand. God sees things we cannot see. He knows things we do not know. He’s got the bigger picture and we don’t. We will continue to trust God and pray regardless of the delay and lean not on our understanding of the matter at hand.

Prayer is getting God’s attention to work on our behalf. God sees things we cannot see. When God knows we are depending on Him only, He sends the help that is needed. So, we humble ourselves and be strong and of a good courage.

Today, we will be strong and brave, and God will give us rest. He unravels all our fears so we can be at peace. Give it to God and leave it there.




Mark Your Territory

As mothers we were born with the natural ability to care and nurture our children. Motherhood changes everything and the world suddenly becomes a lot smaller when you are a ‘hands on’ mother.

It’s very uncommon for a healthy mother to walk away from a child who she has carried for nine months. But if a mother does abandon her child there can be many legit reasons like mental health, poverty, lack of resources etc.

Often mothers are usually the over-thinkers in the family and many times it feels like you are juggling a million balls every hour on the hour and awkwardly dropping most of them at the end of the day. The struggle is as real as you just simply wanting to snuggle up and become a kid again.

We go extraordinary lengths to raise our family and keep them together. Our goal is to keep the unity so the enemy outside cannot hurt even the weakest link. We work to protect our values because our values will determine our family’s legacy. Mothers don’t quit when the going gets tough nor are we superheroes … but the eternal God carries us in His arms to a perfect resting position.

As mothers our stories take us through many chapters of twists, turns, ugliness, beauty, deep pits, valleys, and mountaintops very much like roller coaster rides. But we remain confident that God is author of the story. We write the chapters and God circulates the book.

Having a child is life changing in itself … and sometimes the stories are intriguing giving us reason to wake up every morning with hope as God can interrupt the storyline at any given time. Only the author has the audacity to decide how the story will end. As mothers, we will not lose courage or confidence in God. Isaiah 8:18 says that our children that the LORD has given to us are for signs and wonders.

As Moses said, “We will go with our young and our old: with our sons and our daughters, with our flocks and our herds we will go, for we must hold a feast to the LORD.” Exodus 10:9

Sometimes we are so exhausted from the fight that we are tempted to give up and make a deal and count our losses… but we are reminded that Moses the great leader who was called by God to bring deliverance to the children of Israel could have decided to leave the animals behind and take the children as per Pharaoh’s order … BUT … he boldly declared that the livestock will go and not a hoof will be left behind.

We are fighting for the lives of our children. Moses boldly said not even a hoof will be left behind. When we are confident that God has given us clear instructions pertaining to our household all He is asking of us is to be strong and courageous. Our children that the LORD has given to us are for signs and wonders.

As mothers, our integrity is built on the Word of God … it’s only a test to see the intentions of our hearts. We are not backing down … only be strong and very courageous. Will it be easy? Never a guarantee. Will it be worth? Most definitely!

Godliness makes a home great, but sin brings disgrace. God is looking for one mother to stand in the gap between Heaven and Hell for her children.

John Wesley says, “Give me one hundred men who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergyman or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.”

How I Wish Everyone could be Happy

I wish people everywhere could be happy and living their best lives in every way. There will no room for jealousy, wars of words, competition, hostility, and such like. When we make peace with ourselves by accepting who we are, in addition to having an unshakable faith that we are right where we are meant to be in life… the world will be a happier place for you and for me.

Life is stressful and people everywhere are dealing with anxiety, loneliness and depression while trying to keep up the appearance that life is great. I believe everyone wants to be happy and deserves to be happy including the angry person, the hostile person, and the person who tries to intimidate or harm the vulnerable people in their lives.

Sometimes trying to find happiness can be a struggle because we look for happiness in all the wrong places or ways. There’s a bottomless pit of emptiness inside of all of us that is never satisfied no matter how much we try to feed it. We purchase the dream house, buy the shoes, go on vacation, have a baby, and yet we come up short of the satisfaction we were looking for … it remains a mystery.

Is it possible that maybe we have been looking for GOD in all the places we have been looking for happiness? The Devil is not your friend, but he’s sure remains your shadow. He keeps you actively pursuing happiness while secretly stealing your time, your self-worth, and your confidence. But when you pursue God, He always has your best interest at heart.

God withholds no good thing from you, and He will do whatever needs to be done to stamp His approval of you making you authentic. Living in truth requires change and change requires you accepting the truth that genuine happiness is found only in having a relationship with God. The choice is always dependent on your next move.

If you never had a relationship with God, you will be turned off from what I’m saying. It’s like a child growing up in poverty they never saw inside a palace so there’s zero interest. But if that child becomes successful and can afford everything his heart desires … BOOM! He will never go back to poverty. A relationship with God turns you into a contented person with or without the luxuries of life.

Happiness is not having to worry about tomorrow and ONLY GOD holds our tomorrows.

We sometimes must ask ourselves, ‘If today was the last day of our lives, will I be happy with my choices?’ Change is voluntary. If you are tired from the same old way of doing things you should be excited to try something new. Happiness is a free choice but not everyone will choose to be happy.

Maybe we have been looking for GOD in all the wrong places. The unhappy person is constantly looking for the next person or thing … but the person who loves God is confident and bold as a lion. Happiness is never returned if it’s given to the wrong person. But when our steps are ordered by God, He makes even our enemies to be at peace with us.

If we stumble, we will not be down for too long because He has a grip on our hands. I’ve never once seen an abandoned believer of Christ. I wish everyone would be happy but true happiness is found only in God.

If today was the last day of your life, will you be happy with your choices? Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Live with limited regrets. It’s about time we stop looking for GOD in all the wrong places.

It’s Happy Friday!!

Shout out to everyone who got through the week feeling their age. Life can be stressful but so far you have survived 100% of your worst days.

Forget all the challenges that happened this week and have a great weekend.

It’s time to laugh!

Thank you for sharing your week with me. Without YOU there’s no ME. I’m thankful for you.

Take time to laugh again. To love again. And to live again.

Happy Weekend!

The Bitter Root

I remembered my girls in their early grade school doing a science project with a kidney bean in a glass jar. All that was needed was a glass jar, either cotton balls or wet toilet paper damp but not too wet, and a bean. Place the jar near to a window … and in two or three days the seed germinates into a small plant much to the excitement of the little curious eyes who kept a vigil going.

Hebrews 12: 14-15 warns us to make every effort to live in peace with everyone and see that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and contaminate us. When the root is bitter the fruit must be sour. Bitterness creeps into our heart by wet used tissues that we use to blow our noses after an ugly crying session. Like the red kidney bean sitting by the window … we pull up our chairs by the window and in two or three days the bitterness grows and produces troubling thoughts.

Bitterness shackles us to memories of the past, sickens us to the core, and obscure our vision making everything blurred. We were warned to make every effort to live in peace with everyone and see that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble thoughts that blur our vision.

Stephen Covey, the author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ says that: 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and 90% of life is decided by how you react. We do not have any control over 10% of what happens to us … but we do own the 90% refusing to be drawn into a sea of hatred and bitterness.

To be honest, I am grateful for all the major incidents in my life that forced and pushed me to be the person I am today. Whether those events were positive or negative one thing is certain they changed my life forever in a good way. Everything happens for a reason whether they were planned or outside of our control.

My AHA MOMENT: People will do better if they knew better. In the meantime … I do the best that I can. I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.

I have gone through major changes over the years that has rocked my little corner of the world, some I thought I would never survive the aftermath … and others I thought there’s no way that God sent me this situation. But today, I am the proud recipient of valuable lessons that have inspired me to write from my advantageous viewpoints.

I had an amusing thought recently — “Why didn’t God make us microwavable?” If we were microwaveable maybe I could just pop myself into the microwave, click the one-minute button cooking myself into a nice gourmet dinner for everyone sitting around the table. People who love to eat are ALWAYS the best people to be around. (Not funny at all. Sort of funny. Far better than crying. )

Someone said, “Anger is about a present hurt; bitterness is about a past hurt. When we feel angry it’s because of something that just happened. Bitterness is always waiting outside the door.” Let it go! Don’t feel so hurt about something that was done to you in the past and every time your heart beats you feel the pain all over again.

I have had to forgive people that never asked for my forgiveness … it’s not about them … it’s about me freeing myself from the memories. I opened the cage and let the caged-bird fly out. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy it. Let no root of bitterness spring up and contaminate you.