Time Is Up!

Stuff happens all the time. It appears we could never get a long break before something or someone trips us up…but withholding forgiveness is poisonous and leads to having strange evil thoughts taking up permanent space in our minds.

Unforgiveness is like getting stuck behind a disabled car on a busy twelve lanes highway in rush hour. You can fuss, use a dictionary of swear words, accelerate the gas pedal, honk the car horn, come out of the car with rage….the reality is… you will remain stuck in that same position until you decide to find a way to get out of the mess.

Sometimes years past and we find ourselves still sitting behind the disabled vehicle of grudges, offense, hurts and resentment.

It’s very frustrating if we ever find ourselves in that predicament.

Tagging along unforgiveness – Years go by and we missed out on the births of our new villagers, family birthdays, weddings, family reunions, dinners, and even funerals of our loved ones just because we held on to grudges.

So much get lost in the fire of harboring pain and hurt. It’s like a hoarder who refuses to clean out their trash. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Unforgiveness affects our health and our mind…and does absolutely nothing to the other person.

Unforgiveness blocks God’s forgiveness from operating in our lives.

I would be embarrassed to find out that my mistakes and shortcomings were unpardonable and I am now forced to carry them around in public for the rest of my life.

We need forgiveness… and …others need our forgiveness.

Unforgiveness is like giving a mentally ill person permission to live inside of our heads. They will walk up and down, run around, rudely interrupt our sleep in the wee hours of the morning, and dialogue with us for hours unending.

The struggle to forgive is real…but the long term effects is unpardonable.

Jesus has paid an extraordinary price by dying on the cross for our emotional wounds, hurts, pain, and resentment …so it’s always the right time to tell all the evil occupants in our heads to leave because our future looks bright.

The time is up!

Ejecting them out is essential to our own sanity.

The graveyard is overcrowded with people who died bitter. Many of them are our close relatives and friends.

Accepting Jesus peace in exchange for giving up the weight of unforgiveness is an excellent tradeoff. It’s humanly impossible to forgive without Jesus Christ coming alongside to help us.

Without Jesus, the struggle remains real….but with Jesus the freedom is sure.

With God’s power working in our minds we can destroy arguments and every bit of pride that has held us captive over the decades.

You Are Stronger Than You Know

Learning to let go and making peace with people you cannot change is important.

Note to self –

The only control we have over anything or any person is how we choose to react. The birds will keep on flying over our heads… but ….we can prevent them from building a nest in our hair. Don’t allow anyone the freedom to mess with your head.

We cannot force anyone to do things, or to apologize, or to communicate in a way that’s cordial or sincere….it will weary us out and leave us bitter not better.

So I’ve come up with some tips to keep us sane in a stressful situation :

■ Take a break away from what’s upsetting you.

Take all the crazy experiences and lessons and write a thank you note. We will not be who are today if it wasn’t for the lessons we learned in our crazy mess up world.

Don’t get annoyed by anyone who does wrong. Don’t envy them. Don’t compete.

■ Continue to trust God and live right. Sip your tea and mind your own business.

■ Don’t sweat when things go well with those who do evil. Evil people have no future. Their lights go out quickly.

■ Don’t be angry or furious. Anger can lead to sin and sin brings an early death. Heart attacks, brain aneurysms etc…

The good news is:

● The LORD laughs at those who plan evil because He knows their time is short.

It’s better to live right and be poor than to be sinful and rich.

The wicked will lose all of their power, but the LORD gives strength to everyone who is good.

● Those who obey the LORD are daily in His care and what He has given them will be theirs forever.

When times are bad we won’t be in trouble. We will have plenty when food is scarce.

● A good person is generous and never stops giving.

● If we do what the LORD wants, He will make certain each step we take is sure.

● As long as I can remember, good people have never been left helpess, and their children have never gone begging for food.

Confessions of A Wounded Heart

I once heard this quote: “Don’t tell me how good you are until you let me know how bad you were.”

So here’s my confession:

When I have gone out of my way to help someone, but they turn out to be ungrateful after receiving the help….it hurts …it really hurts.

● My heart rips into million of pieces and the pieces spill out on the ground oozing my wide range of emotions

● Ooops….those were the pieces of my own heart that I accidentally stepped on in my anger, and now it hurts even more

● Now, it hurts even more as I try to put the fragile pieces of my broken heart together as the tears fall profusely down my face with little or no visibility at times

● Why did I allow someone’s negative behavior to make me feel that I was incompetent in handling my reactions

● Ooops….I got upset. I yelled because I was angry. I’m now left with a huge amount of guilt. And a little chance of getting over the painful experience along with the aftermath.

So, my friends, God is still working on me while I learn how to pass the test of handling a wounded heart.

Sometimes things that hurt us the most, teach us the greatest lessons.

I realize that I don’t have much control over the emotion I experience in the given moment. But, I could practice controlling my emotions by interrupting my negative thoughts.

If I simply took one moment to stop and think before I spoke or acted… it could have prevented me from reliving those painful and embarrassing moments.

I’ve learnt that if I want to be happy – I cannot hold on to whatever made me angry. If I keep rehashing the story …the pain lives on.

I’ve found setting boundaries is a great way to avoid repeats of negative behavior.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger. This certainly made it into the Bible as a reminder that it is doable with the help of The Omnipresent God who sees and knows everything.

Forgiving is about me choosing to leave the pain behind and to walk on in freedom.

When I forgive, I prevent anyone from holding my emotions hostage. I am free to move on to happier times.

Recognizing that I am not perfect is a huge step forward to being humble instead of hateful because we all are passengers in the same boat called ‘Imperfections’.

My rights to get even must be tossed out because it’s too heavy to carry around. It’s not fair… but it’s also unhealthy and unproductive.

I keep deleting records of persons who have hurt me and the list of wrongs done to me before my brain crashes.

I’m now working on my masterpiece of how to become a better version of myself.

The world is overpopulated with hurting people so my aim is to be different. I have the courage to change the ending of my story.

God can take my brokenness and add music to it so I can dance to a new drumbeat.

My pride had to be shattered in order for me to become the person I wanted to be a long time ago.

Finally, if I don’t forgive those who have caused my pain – I will begin to look like them.

A Week Without Laughter is a Week Wasted – TGIF

Hear me out. Life is rough for every one. Every one is fighting a battle whether they live in a mansion or on the streets.

So let’s take back a day to laugh out loud. Laughter relaxes the whole body. It’s like good medicine. Laughing with others is better…so share a funny quote.

In every day there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 opportunities to laugh out loud.

Don’t lose your laughter because you are so focused on your problems.

Have a laugh out loud weekend and see you on Monday.

Job The Father

Job was a man who worshipped God and was faithful to Him. He was a perfect man. The Bible says that Job was a friend of God.

He had seven sons and three daughters, and his sons threw big parties and would invite their sisters.

The Bible says, “The morning after each feast, Job would get up early and offer sacrifices for each of his children in order to purify them. He always did this because he thought that one of them might have sinned by insulting God intentionally.” Job1:5 GNT

Job in the role as head or high priest in his home would habitually rise up early to pray for his children and his household. He understood the seriousness of Godly parenting.

He knew how to be honest with God and to seek forgiveness on behalf of his children.

Job knew that in the midst of the celebrations his children were having in their own homes that God may not have been pleased.

Though his children were grown up and lived in their own homes …their spiritual welfare remained his concern. Job 1: 13-15

Job didn’t know specifically what sins were going on in the festive scene at his children’s homes, but his love for his family, and concern for their spiritual welfare drove him to rise up early and pray for them.

I wonder how are we doing in light of Job?

Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. Once a parent, always a parent. There’s no exit route or timing in parenting.

When you think of the role of a father, the following may come to our mind: provide, protect, discipline, emotional support, and the list can go on and on. But I believe that there’s nothing more important in the role of a father than to have a praying father.

The Bible says that when Job heard the news, he got on his feet and ripped his robe, shaved his head, then fell to the ground and WORSHIPPED. The POWER of a Praying Father.

From the bottle to the sippy cup to the straw to the cup to the glass – a father’s prayers can prevent his kids from destruction. Our lives are made of two dates and a dash.

Timeless Reminders

Quotes about LIFE:

1. Don’t block YOUR blessings by trying to teach somebody a lesson

2. Every person who mistreated you will HAVE to give an account to God

3. You CAN’T shack up with the devil and expect God to pay the rent

4. God will NOT bless a relationship that He is NOT involved in

5. If you tried to move past an OLD relationship but can’t….you have a soul tie

6. God didn’t create you to become one flesh with several different people. He made one man. One woman. To become One flesh

7. YOUR mind will always believe everything you tell it

8. Remind yourself that YOU are an Adult… and… YOU will be CHARGED as one

9. When you are at peace is when you REMEMBERED that GOD is ALWAYS in control

10. YOUR body is a temple, not a visitor’s center

11. She builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down

12. Satan knows WHATEVER consumes most of your time will EVENTUALLY control you

13. NEVER let loyalty make a fool out of you

14. Make sure EVERYBODY in your “boat” is rowing and not drilling holes when you’re not looking

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

“A surly, stupid child is sheer pain to a father, a bitter pill for a mother to swallow.”

Proverbs 17:25 MSG

Question: What is the meaning of a bitter pill to swallow?

Answer: Something that is very unpleasant but must be accepted. It is a truth that people do not want to face but one that cannot be avoided.

As mothers we come to realize that when we think we have experienced it all and survived it all…there’s that one curve ball that totally takes the wind out of our sails and that is losing a child to willful ignorance.

As mothers we are pretty skilled in kissing cuts and bruises when our kids were little and somehow watch how much magic that simple kissing act has on our kids. It works until they stop believing in our kisses.

Children hold a special place in a mother’s heart…but there comes a time when as mothers we have to swallow the bitter pill called ‘letting go’. It’s unpleasant but it must be accepted.

We are powerless over our adult children’s livestyles. Nothing we say or do will either control or correct it. Setting boundaries by making it clear that we do not support or want to be associated with their lifestyles is a great way to take back control of our own lives.

It’s hard to watch your loved ones deteriorate even with boundaries …but we must not become enablers. We have to surrender them to God and let go…the boundaries are really to keep us healthy and happy.

It’s good to let our adult children know how their negative behavior has affected us, how we have cried about it, how we felt betrayed, and in addition…. the level of shame and disappointment in their actions.

“Anyone with wisdom knows what makes good sense, but fools can never make up their minds.” Proverbs 17:24

Our strength as mothers is found in the journey. To trust God in the dark is called FAITH. We must never be ashamed of our scars ….scars can turn into stars when God speaks.