Emotional Distancing

There are those days when you are exhausted from being strong all the time. If it has anything to do with feelings like happiness or anger, then consider it emotional. If there’s something you either heard or seen and it’s tugging on your heartstrings bringing out your ugly cry it’s emotional.

Yes, you are strong, and yes you have been handling everything that came your way like a professional boxer but sometimes you just need to exhale from breathing in all the toxins and distance yourself to maintain your sanity. Be assured that God hasn’t forgotten you.

As soon as you find yourself thinking negative thoughts – stop and click delete – it usually acts as a great resetting action. When you are alone, watch your thoughts. When you are angry, watch your thoughts. Sometimes we hurt others while we are hurting – apologise and move right along. Moving on shouldn’t take a year – it’s not the end of your life.

Don’t forget on your best day you need God as desperately as you do on your worst day. When God have first place and you take second place the devil will have no place. So, take a time out by doing some emotional distancing it interrupts discouragement.

Leaving the ‘only God can do this’  in God’s hands offers you a rest as you partner together with God. When you begin to think that maybe God needs you to figure out how things should work out – you begin to worry, have anxiety attacks, lose your peace and joy.

Trusting God means you are giving up feelings and emotions and with simple childlike faith you are now entering into your resting period.

I’ve found that when I redirect my feelings, I come out stronger than if I allow them to create anxiety and steal my sanity. Our emotions are not always accurate and so we must manage them wisely. No matter what pain you’ve been through, note well that the tears will dry, your broken heart will heal, and you will come out not looking like anything you’ve been through.

Everyday as the sun rises and your eyes are opened make a conscious decision to let go of anything that you have no control over like the weather, the COVID19 news, your adult children’s choices, your neighbor’s behavior, and your in-laws.

Realize from the break of day that the only person you really have control over is you. Distance yourself from anything that will emotionally drain the real you.

I love Jesus’ thoughts about us when He said that He doesn’t ask God to take us out of the world, but to keep us safe from the evil around us. We are not defined by the world but by the truth of God’s Word. We are on a mission so do everything to stay pure, and experience God’s joy. God always does things right. He knows your ability to walk through storms without looking shipwrecked.

Raise your standards and know that this too will pass. It may pain but it will pass.

Monday …. Here we go! Let’s make it a great week. Spend time uncluttering your mind.

My Prayer

Lord, we pray for all religious organizations and their members, medical personnel, garbage collectors, mailmen, supermarket workers and their employers, pharmacy employees and their employers, public transport drivers, delivery drivers, and all those who are exposed directly or indirectly to COVID19.

We ask for your protection and divine coverings over them and their HOUSEHOLD that no evil will come near to them. Keep them safe under your wings. Let them not be afraid but stand confidently that You will watch over them as they help the sick.

We remember those who have suddenly become unemployed or are facing a down turn in their businesses. Give them an experience and miracles of Your divine provision that they will never forget how You bought them through these difficult times.

We pray for the overcrowded hospitals around the world. Let every traumatized heart be comforted. Let no one suffer unduly and unfairly. Send your ministering angels to heal them in their anxiety.

We remember those who lost loved ones through this deadly virus and have not been afforded closure or proper burial. Grant to them peace and comfort that You will hold their hands through their moments of grief.

Give our world leaders the wisdom to make good decisions and God-fearing laws. Forgive us for walking in open rebellion in exchange for approval and elections.

Let no one’s heart fail them for fear. We ask that at the end of this season that people will turn to You and fear you as the ONLY true and living God.

We thank You for the miracles, the signs and the wonders which You have graciously given to us despite our rebelliousness and stubbornness. We are kept alive because of Your mercy and we say ‘Thank You!’

In Jesus Christ Name,

Cheers to the Weekend

We made it through another week this time working from home. To all those working from home, a grateful heart is like a magnet that draws good things your way.

To all the essential workers around the world our prayers are with you and your families. We thank you for risking it all that we may live.

It may have been a rough week but we made it. And wouldn’t God do it again. Be strong and of a good courage.

A good laugh still is the best medicine. Take time to laugh.


Life is not waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain. My thoughts and prayers are with people all around the world.


All is Not Lost

A risk-taker is someone who is impulsive and unbelievably curious about why things are the way they are. They challenge the do’s and don’ts convinced that they’ve got it right. Risk-takers create their own way of doing things with a frivolous matter of fact about its consequence. The people that listen to the wrong type of counsel reap terrible results.

Sadly, not much thought is given to the dangers of taking risk because they are going to do it anyway. Risk-takers scare the life out of me. There are times when you must trust your heart and take a leap of faith but if the alarms are going off no number of leaps of faith will prevent a person from falling off a cliff.

No one should gamble something as valuable as life and your inheritance hoping for a win. Some folks even if they win after a risky transaction, they will continue to make bad choices until they eventually lose it all. I choose to believe that life is way too precious to gamble away without understanding the psychological and physical effect it can have on both your health and your future.

No one can force anyone to stop, look and listen before planning a move. No matter what you say or do to stop a risk-taker ultimately the only person who can stop the process is the person whose life will be impacted by their choices.

We can learn a lot about people by the choices they make.

Proverbs 12:15 says that a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice. When we hear good advice, we should take it and quickly apply it to our life.

We can create the environment that’s right for us and those we are leading by seeking counsel. Surrounding yourself with mature and responsible people is wisdom.

I don’t know who said it but it sure makes a lot of sense “A shark in a fish tank will grow eight inches, but in the ocean, it will grow eight feet.”

Many times, we find ourselves in the wrong environment after taking a risk but if you change your environment there’s a greater possibility that you can super exceeds your expectations.

No one can change, heal, succeed, or bloom in the same environment that made them sick and tired. You took a risk and it didn’t work out don’t live with the mistake.

Only you have the power to change what you don’t like. Life is too important to be gambled. The things that are hurting you are put in your way to see if you are willing to fight for what you deserve.

Taking a risk isn’t the end of the road. Problems don’t just disappear because you lost your way. Learn, try again and make a change of the environment that got you unhappy.

When a situation seems hopeless trust God’s guidance. Without good advice nothing changes. It takes a change of environment for things to go right.


Mothers are more likely to overthink than fathers. The truth is everyone overthinks, but Mama – she wins the marathon. There maybe a few moms/women who may be exempted from this group so if you are one of them this blog is not for you. But for some of us we have restless thoughts and nervousness when it comes to our children.

A mother’s mind is like a hamster on a wheel. Our thoughts run all around the wheel in a tiresome, repetitive, and unfulfilling ways in which nothing is achieved but we do it any way. Worrying/overthinking is addictive behavior. Our thoughts travel faster than a speeding bolt of lightening because we love with a love that’s more than love.

A mother never stops worrying about her children, even if they are all grown and have children of their own. You have fought many battles on your knees and stood up nice and tall the next morning. You have cried many tears and still keep on smiling. All kinds of anxieties try to get you out of balance, but you manage to keep going.

Anything that you have no control over becomes dangerous to your health. There are times it’s difficult for mothers to see the hand of God, but a strong mother lives everyday believing it’s never too late for a miracle. They believe that if God brings them to it, He will bring them through it, so they wait with great expectations.

The breaking news is, one day you will wake up and not enjoy the consequences of overthinking, and you will be forced to change.

A mother many times has taken a place of friend, a father, a sibling, but sadly no one can replace a mother. So, mama, the way to avoid nightmares is to stop creating scary movies. God has provided a way to overcome unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and have many ways for you to gain the self-control you so earnestly desire.

Take responsibility for your thoughts. Discipline your mind. It takes effort to filter your thoughts each time they pop into your mind, but it is possible with the help of the Holy Spirit. God promises to give you His peace. The more you focus your mind on the right things, it will become easier every time.

Worry can rob you of happiness so stay away from worry. 2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us that we are to:

  1.  Get rid of every imagination and every proud idea that comes against what God has spoken
  2. We are to cage every thought to make it obedient to Christ

God is every mother and her children’s refuge. He is a strong, present, and a great help to those who are weak. Kind of make you feel that strong mothers are almost non-existent as it’s impossible not to rely on God for strength.

Dear Lord, help every mother to trust You with her children. Help us to lean closer to hear Your voice when we become lost in our thoughts. Give us the courage to let every situation be what it is and not what we think it should be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Silence the Voice of Regret

Maya Angelo said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” No one person has it all together. We are all a huge work in progress.

However, in order to do better we must first forgive ourselves for things that went wrong. Close that chapter. Step up to the next assignment. It’s unfair to start a new day with broken pieces of our yesterday.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda are three of our greatest enemies. Maybe we always taught that people were our enemies but Woulda, Coulda, and Shoulda are the ones that taunt us and make a mockery of us. Their voices sound like groans and not one day goes by and the regrets don’t play back in the mind.

Having ongoing dialogues with these three mental enemies prove to be the most unproductive times in our lives. But escaping them takes on a battle of its own. No one escapes Woulda, Coulda and Shoulda’s  presence without being punched over and over making victims of innocent lives.

Questions, Questions, and Questions all remain unanswered – ‘Why did I go?’ ‘Why didn’t I stand up for myself?’ ‘What if I didn’t leave?’ comes foremost to one’s mind.

Indeed, we are a work in progress, and we pray that God will just hurry up and finish the work so we all can get along and live happily ever after.

To survive the full-blown battle with Woulda, Coulda, and Shoulda, you must forgive yourself for every failure while you were only trying to do the right thing.

Next time you want to kick yourself for those blunders while your three enemies come pounding on your door, give yourself a huge hug and remind yourself that you did the best you could have but now you know better.

Whatever happened – it’s already in the past and no amount of regrets will erase it. Your thoughts affect your mood and limit your potential and really no one has time for that.

Living with regrets makes you feel helpless and limits the mount of time you to recover from yesterday’s mistakes. When we know better, we inspire others to do better and the world becomes a healthier place for you and for me and the following generations.

God will never let you down nor will He allow you to be pushed past your limit. He will always catch you if you fall. Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

So regardless of what happened yesterday, the day before, or what may happen tomorrow, get back into the ring. God has countless ways to get you where you should have been and always on time.

We will watch the beautiful sunsets at the close of each day and with great expectations the sun will rise the next day opening a whole new world of greater opportunities.

Strength comes from overcoming everything that knocked you down. Forget what’s behind and move forward with God’s grace.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord.” Psalms 19:14

“The peace of God will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

Faith Over Fear

On a recent vacation to Kenya we visited animal orphanages and safaris. Among the many animals I saw – the gazelles held my interest for a moment in time. The gazelles are graceful and swift and when they leap into the air with all four feet, it makes it very difficult for their hunters to capture them.

We were told that the gazelles know that they must outrun the fastest lion, or they will be eaten. There’s a proverb ‘Every morning in Africa, a GAZELLE wakes up it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a LION wakes up it knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.’

Just as the gazelle and the lion we must wake up every morning knowing that we must run and not give up because we will either be eaten, or we will starve. No matter how much life hurts we must be ready to run against the odds. Hold your head up and keep running.

It was fascinating to watch all the animals (big and small) living on acres and acres of open land with each animal knowing fully well that at any time of the day they can be anyone’s meal if they don’t run fast. Life has no place or space for excuses.

We must be ready to give each day our very best and finish the day with limited regrets. As we grow older, we learn to follow our heart knowing fully well that life is too short to be unhappy.  

Some days will be good while other days you may suffer defeat but overall learn from your mistakes and never underestimate the power of rising again. No matter what happens in your life do not change your position of who you are in Christ. You will be able to face anything now and in the future.

The moment your position as a Child of God changes, that is the moment you are in serious trouble. The Bible says, God is your safe-haven and your strength and a very present help in times of trouble. The LORD promises to keep you safe from all kinds of evil.

We are His personal concern. It doesn’t matter who is on your side or who isn’t, your heart should not fear if you have not changed your position in Christ.

Your current situation is not your final destination. Every morning wake up knowing that you that you have a new opportunity to win. Your story is not over even if you are exhausted from the fights. I found the best way to fight is learning to count your blessings, it keeps your mind free from evil.

Someone said, ‘Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you’re better than everyone, it’s walking in and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.’ It’s unbelievable how quickly you regain composure when you realize that everyone is fighting their own battle, and no one knows how it will end.

The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

God is within her she will not fail. Psalms 46:5