Help I Am A Mom

Dear Mom,

Please do not define yourself by the mistakes you have made. You can always push past today, and watch things fall right into place tomorrow.

Some days you may feel like you want to curl up and cry about everything…but a bad day doesn’t mean that you are a bad mom.

Parenting gets tough and we mess up more than we would like to confess. We have yelled at our kids while having a meltdown ourselves. Remind yourself that everyone may simply need a nap.

Concentrate on doing your best and don’t become over zealous because you will burn out and quit.

Each family has their our own unique story and miracles waiting to happen. The kids do grow up and have kids of their own. Then your grandkids miraculously turn into your dream kids.

Our shortcomings, our failures, our wordless sighs, our aching groans are all part of a greater story. You are not super human although you would like to believe that you are.

Moms, you are awesomely cute and funny…take time to smile about the chocolate you ate while helping your kid look for it.

Like all moms everywhere, nothing is better than hearing your kids say “I love you” first thing in the morning. If they don’t say it, then you tell them.

In closing, whether you are working or you stay at home or do both…you are a superhero.

Hugs and love,

Amazing Grace

It’s Not A Competition

None of us has the power to control everything that happens to us. One thing we know for sure is that God is always in control of the outcome when we place our confidence in Him.

Mothers, being resilient is not optional…it’s mandatory.

It takes a whole lot of patience, loving yourself, and accepting that life has its ups and downs, and there’s nothing you can do about it…so go ahead, own your story, and remind yourself that you’re still a work in progress.

My weakness … I am a Mama Bear. My children are my world and even though they are grown…in my heart I still want them to be my babies. So I go between wanting them to be my babies and setting them free to discover their world.

You may have observed that my writings are inspirational. I enjoy bringing hope and encouraging others.

If I’ve walked the path, I’m going to write about it. If I’m learning, I’m going to write about it.

Every good mother thinks about her children day and night. She knows that each child is unique, have different strengths and abilities…but she loves all her children deeply.

Note well: Nothing gets past the devil’s eyes. He is merciless … but God is merciful. When we don’t know what to do, God knows what to do.

We all have felt sometime that we will not survive an unpleasant episode in our family …but somehow we did…so it had to be GOD.

God will never allow anything to get past His attention that will destroy our confidence in Him. It’s FAITH in God’s promises that keeps us going.

We must challenge ourselves to look up and say, “God, make every thing that the devil meant for bad greatest testimony. I am in this for the win.”

Our faith in God tells us that we don’t know how we are getting from here to over there… but we are guaranteed that God knows.

● We must learn to roll with the punches.

We cannot help a child if we are depleted and emotionally challenged…so rest when necessary.

Great reminder – no one is perfect …so give yourself permission to learn from your mistakes.

Focus on happy moments, and find joy in doing something for yourself.

You Don’t Have To Compromise To Be Recognized

There are many things I love about God and most days I write about our amazing relationship.

I’m eternally grateful that I was predestined (God had a purpose and it was determined before I was born) to experience His love.

God wants to give us:

● wisdom



God has a personalized plan for each one of us.

But there are all kinds of hindrances and side shows which we must overcome to fulfill the original plan.

The desire of the flesh is definitely a showstopper in obtaining the original plan of God:

● greed

● covetousness

● jealousy

● pride

● envy

● hatred

● strife

And to add to this list is, the urge to compromise the truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.

Society is flooded with formulas for a successful life. Some people’s sole focus on life is to get rich or die trying to get rich.

Some folks get caught up with motivational speakers whose only aim behind the scenes is to facilitate themselves to get to the top.

Then there are some folks who come to you disguised as friends but who are insincere and disloyal in their actions.

How can we stay in touch with our own limitations and how to avoid the traps that does so easily trip us up?

● Ask yourselves what you would like someone to do to you ..then grab a hold of it and do it.

● Don’t be impressed with charisma but look for character. You will know people by their actions and consistent behavior.

● A good tree cannot bear bad fruits, nor a bad tree bear good fruit.

● A deceptive and dishonest spirit has a way to boomerang.

● A crowd doesn’t mean it’s the right way to go.

Finding God will take us to all that we will ever need in life.

He gives us our daily portion before we were even aware of our daily needs.

No thief can break in and steal what God has predestined for you…no one can steal your identity.

The way to God requires our full attention…so avoid the sideshow …the mockers, the scorners, the doubters, and the scoffers.

Knowing about God is totally different from knowing God….it comes down to relationship and not just an acquaintance.

We will miss the boat if all we did was to quote scripture and give soundbites of pious talk.

We don’t have to compromise to be recognized.

If we don’t work God’s Word into our daily lives, when the hard times roll in, we will collapse like a stack of cards.

The Word of God is still very relevant in today’s world, and it’s a guide to obtaining wisdom, confidence and boldness.

The Enormous Suitcase

Our experiences in life have taught us so much about our strengths, weaknesses, integrity, and values. If it was possible to fit our experiences into one suitcase it will take one enormous suitcase to pack them all in.

I appreciate weight restrictions when traveling because it forces me to be selective on the things I pack into my suitcases, otherwise I will be packing lots more stuff than is necessary.

We maybe surprised at how many of us carry emotional baggage today from our past.

Everyone has a past, but carrying fears, phobias and unresolved issues can weigh us down and keep us in a depressed state.

Before we pack our enormous suitcase … it’s important to confirm what we will be taking into 2019.

There are definitely some weighty issues that must be left behind in order to stay within our limits.

Bad things happen to everyone, so get over it and stop throwing pity parties. Deal with it once and for all and move on. It’s dead weight.

There are 57 days before we travel into a new year – 2019. It’s time to start packing our enormous suitcase.

Are we carrying hurts from one relationship to the other?

Do we have the script on how we would deal with those nuisances that keeps stumping our growth year after year?

Have we consider the cost of our actions or lack thereof?

Who are our team players?

What plans are in place when we come face to face with generational curses?

Do we have enough credit on life to make mistakes?

How are we going to handle our fragile life if things don’t work out as planned?

We just cannot travel the same way as we did when we were young and carefree. Age should bring reason.

Seasons come and seasons go…so it’s wisdom to know the season we are in.

The years ahead are always less than what’s behind.

We cannot take everything and everyone from our past into 2019. We must free ourselves to learn and move on.

If it doesn’t add to our life, it’s time to leave it behind. We are all under a weight restriction.

Friday Oh Yeah!!

It’s been a long week for some of us … but hey…it’s FRIDAY … WOOHOOOO!!

It’s time to turn the frown upside down 🙃🙃🙃….😊😊😊

Many thanks to all who take the time to daily read my blog, you have made me happy. As of today, my blogs have been read by over 100 countries…and for this I’m eternally grateful.

Thank you to my new followers….I am encouraged each and every day.

It’s no easy task to write new blogs Monday to Friday but many times I look up and say, ‘I know that was You God.’

Please take time to relax and enjoy your weekend. I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

There will be NO ME without YOU! I remember you always in my prayers .


🦒🦒Amazing Grace 🦒🦒

Each Day Has Its Own Trouble

Each day has enough trouble of its own…so do not worry about tomorrow.

Some mornings before we are fully awake, our brain gets going and the worry bags gets full even before our feet land on the floor.

It’s effortless to worry…but …being at peace takes a lot of effort because our human nature always seem to avoid the easiest road.

Dropping on our knees first thing in the morning takes discipline and consistency…the conversations are real. You have now left your worries in God’s hands.

The other option isn’t a brilliant one.

It’s the one where we lie in bed with our eyes wide open terrified of what the day holds…meanwhile the clock is ticking and nothing was solved.

But…God never forces His ways on anyone. We may think that everything we do is right, but remember that God judges our hearts.

In my moments of anxiety…I’ve learnt to sing in the kitchen, pray in the shower, sing and pray aloud behind the wheel, refresh my thoughts, and exercise my free will to talk to God anytime and anywhere.

I dare not even imagine living a day without God.

When my kids were small I invested a great deal of the time instilling in them the importance of including God in their daily routine.

It was important to me that my kids didn’t assume that their parents were their provider.

One day at a time is what God has suggested for us.

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

God doesn’t say ‘Yes’ all the time. He doesn’t say ‘No’ all the time. He doesn’t say ‘Wait’ all the time. He simply says, ‘Trust ME!’

No prayer life + No trusting in God + No confidence in His promises = WORRY.

Praying keeps us humble before God ...anything else produces pride.

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Forgiveness is Not A Feeling

If I carry painful memories and ugly thoughts from 2018 into 2019 – that will be a whopping 12 unproductive months.

The Bible says our lives are like vapor….we appear for a little while on earth and then vanish away (we die).

Which one of us have enough years to log around loads of worthless and meaningless junk knowing fully well that our lives are like vapor. Here today…gone tomorrow?

Our ‘hard drive’ (brain) can only hold so much before it crashes.

There are only 61 days remaining in 2018.

In my life I’ve wrestled with un-forgiveness and from time to time it resurfaces and sticks its ugly head out mocking me.

My pet peeves – I hate to be lied to and taken advantage of. I am vulnerable to these dysfunctions because I am a giver, and givers stand a risk to being taken advantage of and being lied to.

I used to feel that if I didn’t forgive people in my life that at least I still had some sort of control to remind myself of the wrongs that were done.

So my resistance towards forgiveness was for the wrong reasons. I felt I was holding people captive and I was not ready to release them. Huge mistake…but I became an active participant nonetheless.

I had my hurts set as an alarm clock that goes off every now and then… reminding me of the pain.

My Aha Moment:

I really don’t need to ‘feel’ like forgiving

Forgiveness is not a feeling

Forgiveness is a decision

I don’t need to worry that I don’t ‘feel’ like forgiving

Forgiveness is a decision that I must make on my own

If forgiveness was easy, everybody would be doing it

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse someone’s behavior… but I must be cautious that I don’t allow their behavior to disrupt my growth and happiness

Forgiveness means that I’ve made peace within myself

There comes a time for all of us to drop our emotional baggage and begin to enjoy our life without the baggage.