2019 Is The Year of TRUST

Welcome to 2019! Ready or not, our assignments to write 12 new chapters in 365 days have been handed out to us. The scary part is ….many of the 12 chapters will NOT have a title until we get to the end of the year, so we must have confidence in ourselves.

It’s DAY #7 of 2019 and the clock does not stop.

The hype on January 1st every year can be pretty overwhelming as the greetings, phone calls, social media and ads flood the air waves.

Someone has said and I have agreed – ‘Only the calendar has changed … everything else in our lives remains the same.’

It may be kind of cool if our debts, our fears, our problems, and our distractions of last year were wiped clean and left behind…then that will be worth the new year’s hype.

If you didn’t feel motivated on January 1st all is not lost. If you woke up today (January 7th) inspired to do something positively different than you did yesterday…then Happy New Year to you.

Here’s a secret about me – I hate clutter, I hate shopping in clearance stores, I avoid crowds, I hate anything that lacks structure, I deliberately avoid people who don’t take responsibility for their actions….and those who feed off of gossip and hate.

I’m working on exercising more self-restraint since they are the trigger points that leads to my unhappiness. Next year on January 1st I can smile when you wish me a happy new year…because I would have put in the work to become a better ME.😊

A new year is another chance to get things right. A new year is a continuation of where we left off last year with the wisdom of the lessons learned.

What will 2019 reveal about me that I didn’t know before? It’s a very interesting thought.

I have 365 opportunities to win the battles I’ve been praying about. I must be purpose driven to know if I’m winning and write about them even if the titles are missing. It will all come together one day.

The fact that God allowed me to see a new year means that He believes in me ….and He believes that I can run my race and finish strong.

God will never breathe into a human being without having a master plan in mind.

The challenges you face and the curve balls that life throws at you, will get you to your destiny. Don’t hate the process…it is YOU VS YOU. Just make sure YOU win!

As previous years there will be chapters where we will have to write about our victories and our defeats, they come as a combo…you cannot have one without the other…the very stuff we hate is what God will use to transform our lives…not others.

The next twelve months is going to be interested. Is either we walk with God and allow God to daily strengthen us …or we choose to be depressed and saddened by our losses and mishaps and carry them into another year.

Even when things go ridiculously wrong …it can lead to our destiny.

We can trust God even if we don’t fully understand or agree with the process.

May God increase our expectations in Him where darkness turns into noontime because our confidence is in Christ alone.

God always reveal to us what we don’t understand if we remain patient. To be among the living is a priceless opportunity to get things right.

Regardless of the circumstances…let’s trust God more in 2019.


It’s that time of the year where the world falls in love. When snow flakes stay on your noses and eyelashes. Where all is calm and all is bright.

CHRISTmas is the most wonderful time of the year because JESUS is The GIFT that came to earth with a PURPOSE. He is our Savior. We all needed a Savior (A person who saves someone or something from danger).

Without CHRIST there’s no CHRISTmas. It’s NOT Xmas… but CHRISTmas. Let’s keep CHRIST in our CHRISTmas.

I’m so excited to take a much needed break away from my writings and to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

So to my amazing online followers on WordPress.com and my social media friends “THANK YOU for a fantastic year.

Without YOU there’s no ME.

2018 my blogs crossed over a whooping 100 countries for which I’m eternally grateful for each and every person who took time to read, comment and share. THANK YOU!

My stats for 2018 was simply encouraging and I thank each and everyone of you. What began as a thought propelled me into my destiny and I say THANK YOU!

A special thank you to my loyal sister Joy, my hubby Eddison, my faithful sister Merry, my friends Esther, Ursula, Thora, Annmarie, Judith ….my fellow bloggers Karina, John and many others – “Thank you” for your friendship…it means the world to me.

From December 10th to January 7th 2019 I will be off…but I’ve got hundreds of blogs on my online archives at WordPress.com that will make a good read in your free time.

Wishing each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you on January 7th, 2019.

A Letter to 2018

Dear 2018,

Our time together has been unforgettable. As we get ready to say so long to each other…lucky for us, we both are eagerly looking forward to the new kid on the block “2019”.

Our curveballs came fast and furious throughout the year, but you stood cheering me on from the sidelines and your loud cheers kept us in the game.

We won many battles and we lost some important ones. But our love for adventure allowed us to see the sunny side of life.

We took nothing for granted but give thanks and praise for each new day.

We made plans and the LORD stood with us and gave us strength. You were an amazing companion.

Our bad seasons made us more determined to make our comeback story a powerful message.

And wouldn’t God do it again? He pushed back the waters and miraculously we walked through the storms.

We have stories to share with our children and the generations after …of how the LORD delivered us from those high winds and dangerous waters.

Thank you 2018 for preparing me to feel comfortable with 2019.

2019, I believe that we would be lifelong friends as there are so many dreams that will become our reality.

It Wouldn’t Be Always This Way

A trigger is anything that sets us off emotionally and it can happen when we least expect it.

Certain people and things are triggers to pain that we have buried in our hearts.

Some of us love to believe that we are stronger than we think we are. The truth is regardless of how strong we have been in certain situations ….we all have a breaking point.

Sometimes one insensitive comment or action from a trusted person can trigger painful memories and open a floodgate of tangled emotions.

I’ve convinced myself that life is not a competition to see who can stay strong the longest.

I’ve given myself permission for a limited time only Not to be okay all the time, not to feel guilty to cancel plans, to cry if I feel hurt, to simply say ‘no’ without looking for an excuse.

It’s okay not to be okay because some days are really harder than others.

Someone said, “Triggers are unresolved feelings causing us to overreact.”

Anything we hide surfaces when we least expect it and can cause an overreaction to a situation. I’ve been hurt by people overreacting and I have caused hurt to others by my overreaction.

With 27 days left before the New Year 2019 steps in – let’s make a decision to remove the masks that covered decades of buried emotions.

Refusal to leave the baggage behind will leave doors open for ongoing trigger episodes.

Meanwhile, others are depending on our survival skills.

● Write a letter to yourself. It’s a great way to let our emotions out. Out of our head on to the paper. Burn it or shred it…but it ends there.

● Reality check – no one is sitting around thinking about what they did to us….so accept it and move on. Revenge takes two lives…don’t be silly.

If your heart is broken, you will find God right there waiting to hear all about it. He can be trusted and He has no time restrictions – 1000 years are like one day.

People who try to do what’s right may have many reasons to quit but the LORD promises to hold our hands until we are strong enough.

Take an advil.

Sleep it off.

Make a decision to let it go.

Refuse to be a prisoner of your past.

Your future looks good.

The most fascinating part of your life’s story will be your comeback chapter.

Time waits on no one…so take a deep breath and start over again.

2019 will soon be here!!

Time To Declutter

In life, no one is exempted from pain, death, fear, worry, heartache or despair. But…we all have to make a personal choice on what things we will focus on, and what we will give little or no airtime.

I kid you not when I say that I don’t fully understand why some folks choose to live in misery and torment…and then they become agitated when others are winning.

While we may be going through the worst, we can give God permission to work on our inside…Attitude checks. Emotional baggage. Soft responses. Letting negative thoughts go quickly. I am still a work in progress.

There are some unnecessary weight (unresolved issues, remorse, guilt, shame) that must go now…not the last day of 2018…but now.

With 28 days to go before 2018 becomes history it’s a good time to declutter our lives.

● Teach people how to treat you. You were bought with a price so walk worthy of the price that was paid in full before you and I were born.

● Set boundaries and rebuild your life. Walk away from anything that repeatedly disturbs your peace. A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect.

● You can’t keep running away from life…so stop and face whatever it is – and don’t blame others.

●Waiting for others to make you happy will keep you hostage to their availability.

● Think positively, no matter how hard life gets. We don’t have to figure it all out because God holds our tomorrows.

● When in doubt, pray. When angry, pray. When tired, pray. Just pray! Nothing changes until we pray.

● Put God first, regardless of whatever trauma or heartache we will face in the days, weeks, or months to come.

Just close your eyes and say, “God help me through this.”

Finally, God provides comfort and strength to everyone who trust in Him. The best is yet to come.

The Weekend Is Finally Here!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of love and lots of laughter. Take time to do the things you wished you could have done all week long.

Smile! Let’s get our happy smiles on!!!

Here’s to another great week of sharing my thoughts with you. You are the best and I remain humbled and grateful.

Without YOU, there’s no ME! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

Looking forward to seeing what next week brings.

Love and hugs,


Generation XYZ

There are family curses that are passed on from one generation to another that wrecks our lives and those around us.

Curses, traits and beliefs can go as far back to the first generation and if it is not challenged…it can continue on to many generations after us.

C. S. Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

In my adult life I’ve had to challenge some inherited negative mindsets, health issues and beliefs…so I can change the endings for me and my generations to follow.

I kid you not…it was a whole lot of determination on my behalf to get me to who I am today. I had to do lots of self searching and inner healing to demolish walls that kept me insecure and hidden away.

And I am still a work in progress.

Can I tell you one truth? Your daddy’s demons don’t have to possess you? Your Mama’s experiences don’t have to be repeated.

Anything we are struggling with ….it’s our responsibility to take action. We can’t go back and change the beginning.

It’s easy to make excuses for stuff that the previous generations battled with and choose to align ourselves with it instead of taking ownership and dealing with it.

Family histories have all types of dysfunctions…choosing to live with those dysfunctions come down to an individual’s choice.

My daddy could have been an alcoholic…but I have the ability to make my own choices. My mama could have been homeless but I have to be determined to change my story.

If Jesus sets us free, then we are free indeed from every kind of abnormality, emotional pain, behaviorally patterns, or relationship dysfunctions.

Jesus took every thing we dare to bring to Him…to the Cross and He nailed it.

Jesus took our pains, our scars, our flaws, our ugliness, and all the things wrong with us to the Cross once and for all. He said, “IT IS FINISHED.”

Now, it’s our choice to walk in freedom.

Certainly we can get lost, we can wander off, and we can be guilty of doing our own thing from time to time ….but Jesus took all those things we’ve done and will ever do …and He nailed it to the Cross. There’s continued healing available.

β–  Our shame will one day make us famous

β–  Our pain has purpose

β–  Our past will be a blast

β–  Our stagger will create chatter.

2019 is untouched. It’s time to claim some new generational blessings for ourselves and our families in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

Nothing will happen out of wishful thinking or osmosis?

You can write it, shout it, dream it, think about it…nothing will change unless you PRAY about it.