God Rules in Your Favor

How long is too long to be praying for your miracle? All over the world people are desperately in need of a miracle.

There was this woman whose husband had died and left her in debt, and she had no idea how she was going to pay her husband’s debts. She bought the matter before the courts and this certain presiding judge was an unfair judge who refused to listen to the widow’s case. Every time the matter was bought up the woman was turned away. She refused to become discouraged but kept going back to the judge because it was the only place she could get some form of justice. Finally, the judge to save his reputation and to prevent a public outcry ruled in her favor.

How long is too long to keep bringing your urgent prayers to God? God is not like the unfair judge. When God is all you have, God proves that He is all you need. Like the widow – all your help comes from God the righteous judge. Push until something happens.

There are some situations that only God can intervene and interrupt the plots that are working against you. The question now is, ‘Will God find faith in you?’ Sure, you get weary standing in faith and exhausted in the fight but through it all – be persistent and keep on knocking.

You may ask – ‘How long is too long to wait on God?’ The answer is quite simply – Until He answers.

God gives you His peace and that makes it easier to wait until He answers. The situation may look the same but His peace makes a great pillow. Everyone who trust in God will never be ashamed. The story always ends well. You never look like what you went through.

Be alert! Satan will do anything to make you either curse God or blame others for your pain. He entered Job’s wife heart by suggesting that he curse God and die when Heaven was silent. Jabez on the other hand had a moment reflecting on the meaning of his name and decided it was time to do something about it, so, he went to God and prayed about it – “O, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.” So, God granted him what he requested.

God hears from the moment your words leave your lips, but will He find faith in you during the waiting period? The widow didn’t lose heart going before the unfair judge everyday. Her persistence plus her courage moved the unfair judge to give her justice. God is not unjust, and He responds to the persistent prayer of the faithful.

Answers to prayers doesn’t happen by doing drive-thru prayers because we are in a hurry; or asking others to pray for you. It’s requires persistence prayer and courageously standing in faith alone with God. There are times when there’s no evidence of things working out any time soon but God must find us in the war room waiting for an intervention.

There’s no crisis with Christ – all it takes is for God the Righteous Judge to rule in your favor. So you must show up before the throne each and every day.



In social media you can tag a person to a post or a photo to get their attention. You can also tag along with a friend who is going somewhere that you may not be too keen in attending. Some animals are tagged to obtain important information – environment, journey and movement and to determine their life spans.

To think that when God created you that He looked at you before releasing you into the arms of your mother and said to the angels, ‘Wow, I love this creation. This came out in the splitting image of Me. I am going to engrave him/her in the palm of my hand, but I will give them the freedom of choice to remove their tags.’

You were tagged by God from the very moment of conception and nothing about your journey takes God by surprise. God in His divine wisdom allows everyone of us freedom to make our own choices with the full knowledge that our choices will ultimately determine our destiny.

Two children can grow up in the same home from birth with the same parents with the same rules and the same opportunities, but what they both did about it will determine their individual destiny. 

Because we are tagged by God – God knows the journey we will take, and He remains patient towards us during our decision makings. God doesn’t always immediately show His disapproval if we decide not to include Him in our choices but like a wise father, He allows us the time and the freedom to learn the hard lessons in life with the hope we will change directions. 

It’s very sad when we ignore God’s extended times of tugging on our wings and chooses to remain stuck in painful situations. Not everyone wants to be helped and that’s a fact. Some people are so unhappy, and they know that they are unhappy but feel it was meant to be so they choose to remain in their tangled mess.

Staying stuck is always a choice unless you choose a different destiny. If you are not happy where you are then you are free to change direction while you can. Don’t be tricked into believing that life has to be unhappy. You have been tagged by God from conception. Life is good when you live as God’s children because the benefits are bountiful and rich in inheritance. Like the two children growing up in the same home our choices will determine our destiny.

There will never be a moment where you are hidden from His watchful eye. Whether you are feeling depressed or on top of the world God carries you as a father carries his child. It’s scary sometimes to think of all the details God has knowledge of, and yet He still chooses to love us in our mess.  Now, that’s someone we should be happy that tagged us. 

You may shut God out of your life, but it never deters God from pursuing you. It’s impossible for God to forget your name and your location. God patiently waits to reconnect with you. He is incapable of doing you wrong and only has the best to offer you.

You have been tagged by God and there’s no escaping His presence with or without your consent. I rather give Jesus permission to catch me if I fall than to stay in my tangled mess.  


Ready or Not

When I was a kid, we played a game ‘Ready or Not here I come.’ One person closes their eyes for a short period counting loudly while the other person hides. The chaser opens their eyes and tries to find the one that’s hiding, and it feels like all of heaven is cheering you on as you find the person hiding.

The decade 2020 got started and very much like this childhood game – Ready or Not it’s here. If you close your eyes while enthusiastically counting down the next 359 days with no intention of finding the hidden purpose to your existence in 2020 – you will finish the year with regrets.

The countdown to 2020 has begun and the race must go on. Good day or bad day the clock is still ticking and like a participant in the race of life you must show up daily giving it the best shot despite the odds. Everyday is important even if you find yourself lying flat-out with discouragement. In the stillness of the moment you can plan for your comeback.

Last year you had your bad days and you thought there was no way you would have survived the year and you did. You survived ALL of your bad days whether you remembered them or not. There were many times you didn’t know how you were going to manage the madness but God stood with you and you made it to the finish line.

Certainly, the tears, restless nights, bad dreams, mistakes, insecurities, lack of finances, bad judgement calls – you survived them all. The yearend review made you feel like champions and not losers. You were not destroyed and left on the roadside to die. You survived it all and with God by your side – you will continue to write the story.

Thank God when 2020 showed up you didn’t look like what you went through or is still going through. Despite what the facts maybe – the facts cannot stop the plans God has for you. Every experience you have encountered is working in your favor and God’s original plan for your life is still on schedule.

It may not look so now but just like the childhood game as you open your eyes after the count is over – magically it all comes to together if you choose to stay in alignment with God.

God is a promise keeper and way maker and all of Hell can’t stand against Him. God walks with you. He talks with you. You are safe in the Master’s hand. Ready or Not a the year has started.

May God give to you the calmness to accept the things you cannot change and the wisdom to change whatever you can. Don’t dim your lights to make anyone happier than yourself.


Interruption VS Intervention

For many of us 2019 had many curve balls, road closures, bumpy rides, lost coins, loud explosions, wreckage, and unplanned incidents during the weeks, months, and year. As the weeks rolled into months, it  felt like we lost our road maps and left abandoned in uncharted waters leaving only our heads above the water. For many of us how we wished we had a real-life fairy godmother or better yet a chance to be touched by angel who would magically erase all the bad memories of 2019.

Rejection, loneliness, uncontrolled tears, misunderstandings and broken dreams speaks in all languages, is widely known in all countries, and visits all races of people. The truth is, we live in a dysfunctional world and it remains God’s original plan that we do not do life without Him. He offers us peace and comfort while we skillfully and carefully maneuver our way through the chaos.

But here is where life gets tricky – Satan also has a plan. And his plan is to make you reject God’s plan by saying, ‘Nah, no God thing.’ Why? Because he enjoys seeing you and I screaming and having a meltdown on the roller coaster of total misery year after year. Some trust in doctors and some trust in people but few trust God to stop the crazy ride.

As the sorrows increased and our expectations met challenges the laughter faded into the sunsets. For many of us things weren’t as easy as we thought it would have been on January 1 2019.  Real life issues thoughtlessly wrecked havoc on our great expectations followed by waves of bitterness, resentment, and negativity that took away our confidence and fight.

We all had great expectations for 2019 but for some of us when expectations meet reality on December 31 – we will be disappointed that things don’t go as planned. Many times, we wish – ‘If only I could change how this year will end.’ But no such luck my friends. It takes real faith in God to stop and say, ‘This is not how I want my story to end. I don’t know how things are going to work out, but I must trust God to give me a better ending.’

When expectations run low it’s easy to give up on God – I’ve been there countless times. But I have read the Bible well and I know God allows us to run into problems and difficulties to find Him. When darkness seems to hide His face, I REST ON HIS UNCHANGING GRACE. We gain strength and stamina like our friends who enroll in a gym. They commit to strenuous workouts to get their expected results, and we will too when our faith is in God. 

As humans, we don’t lose confidence in our personal trainers as quickly as we lose patience in God’s judgment call when He applies the weights on our shoulders. I wish I can tell you it’s easy or enjoyable but I can tell you – stamina develops character, and character boosts our confidence in God. And HOPE in God never ends in disappointment.

We can honestly say, ‘God, I don’t understand it all and I don’t know what 2020 will bring for me but I know I can trust You.’ The interruptions of life are not designed for us to feed off our unstable emotions BUT to allow God to intervene if we will only ask Him to. We CANNOT do life without God. At the end of life, you will have to face Him anyway.

God gives HOPE in the interruptions of life. Like the picture-perfect gym instructor – God knows that toughness of spirit develops strength of character and boosts our confidence in Him. Stay in the fight – 2020 is the Year of Intervention. Intervention means “To come between, interrupt.” Get ready for your intervention! I don’t know what it may look like BUT there will be an intervention.

Without a goal in mind you wouldn’t know when you get there. You maybe distracted by the clowns in the show, or confused by the long seasons, or frustrated by the many curve balls but don’t lose hope in God’s wisdom which passes our limited understanding. We are crossing over to the other side of perfect peace with or without our expected ending. 

My friends, you do matter to God. You are important to Him otherwise you will not be reading this. You have my deepest respect for doing all you can to stay alive, but don’t let another year pass with you trying to do life without God. Don’t lose hope! Don’t quit!

Faith in God means trusting in GOD’S TIMING! You cannot win doing it your way. You may smile for the camera, but your pillows will always tell you the true story. At the end of the day you are still no match for God. God sees you are trying. He knows that you are trying it on your own and the sad reality is, He isn’t going to pull your stuff away from you. He will wait for you to bring them to Him.

Someone said, ‘Happy is the person who LEARNS to WAIT as he prays and never loses his patience, for God’s time is THE BEST TIME.’ The prayers you have prayed in the beginning of 2019 – God heard and He is waiting to talk them over with you. Communication is the key to all relationships.

Happy New Year to you. 2020 is the YEAR OF PLENTY!  There’s going to be an intervention. Every storm runs out of rain. So hold your head up and tell yourself that there’s something more to live for. And don’t forget to be gentle with yourself.




For Unto Us a Child is Born

Few people can deny that it is the happiest season of the year. Everywhere you go folks are chirpy and the atmosphere around us seems to have quickly escalated into an exciting time. It’s a joy just watching the expressions of little kids excitedly tug at their parents hands as their roving eyes catch a glimpse of toys in the Christmas retail windows displays.

The Christmas season brings out the most beautiful display of lights everywhere and there’s a big hustle and bustle around the towns. Folks are volunteering their time to work at food banks, hospitals are seeing exciting kids opening up gifts that were dropped off by good Samaritans, the displaced citizens are smiling and singing along to happy songs as for many of them it’s their first descent meal in a warm and cozy place.

From the home to the market place to the business places to the office to the hospitals everyone is celebrating in some way the happiest season of the year. It’s hard to drive by and not notice the beautiful display of Christmas trees and the frosty snowman and hear the music of Christmas carols ringing through the air.

It’s hard to deny that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year even if Mr Grinch makes his appearance. Regardless if some folks decide to change Christmas to X-mas one thing no one can deny is that Christmas is in the air again and the world is falling in love. Every song you hear says, “Merry Christmas.”

So what’s the true meaning of the joy and happiness around Christmas time? It started way back before anyone of us was born. One cold wintry night while shepherds were out in the field keeping watch over their flocks at night, an angel of the Lord appeared to them by a bright light and they were afraid. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for ALL the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

From the day that the first heavenly host appeared with the angel praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace to those who His favor rests” the excitement has not stopped over two thousand years ago. People everywhere are still worshiping Jesus Christ who is a wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.

Without denial … It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. May The Prince of Peace, the wonderful Counselor be the Head of our Homes, the Unseen Guest at every meal, and the Silent Listener to our conversations. ‘Do not be afraid’ seems to be the message of all times from the night our Savior was born to this present day. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for ALL people – A Savior is born, He is the Messiah, the Lord.

Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful Christmas season … let the bells ring out, let northern lights keep bringing excitement to all, and may the true meaning of Christmas JESUS THE CHRIST continue to add joy and no sorrow.

Today is my last blog for 2019 and I wish to say a hearty and appreciative ‘THANK YOU’ for being a major part of my journey. I’m praying for each and everyone of you and I look forward to connecting with you once again in January 2020.

Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous NEW YEAR to you and your household.

Be Empowered

LIFE IS A JOURNEY. A journey is to travel from one place to another. Whether you are driving, running, flying, roaming, or crossing over … you are on a journey. If you are facing 1000 steps to climb, or you are on the peak of a mountain or in the lowest valley, or you’ve had many delays … as exhausting as the journey can sometimes be you’ve got to keep going because life is like having a one-way ticket in hand.  

Your journey cannot be exchanged or auctioned off on eBay or Amazon. It’s yours for as long as you are alive and the truth is, it was prepackaged with your name on it the moment you stepped into this world. Good and bad things happen … it’s the package life comes with and it’s uncontrollable by human’s hands.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves one question – ‘Should we just sit here waiting to die?’

The days, weeks, months, and years of our journey are to be lived well to the best of our understanding of our purpose. EVERYTHING you are facing is designed to stretch your faith and never to kill your momentum. God stretches our faith because He knows that if He can get us to trust Him in the scariest of times … it will be less intimidating the next time around.

Faith is like the muscles in our bodies if we don’t use it, we will lose it. Faith must be used so it can grow. When faith is not used, we lose it and start blaming God.

I’ve found that when my mind is consumed with who, what, where, and how … they are warning signs that my thoughts are being derailed and it’s a guarantee that I will lose heart in the journey. If your thought life is being filled with trash talk then the weight will slow you down and you will lose focus.

Never become preoccupied with questions that you cannot answer for yourself.

Keep moving! Be empowered! God keeps watch! Complaining doesn’t get you up the 1000 flight of steps. Making excuses leads to death of dreams, laughter, exploring your options and seeing the beautiful things along the way. You should not be the same person you used to be when you started your journey.

Every obstacle, every person you met, every place you walked, every tear you shed, every dream that was squashed, every love that you gave that was not reciprocated, every year you lost in the valley, every prayer you’ve prayed … have made you who you are today. Some journeys take us through dangerous and difficult circumstances but through it all we will learn to trust God.

We are being kept while on the journey. It’s in the delay and uncertainties that our level of faith will prove if it is genuine and legit. Anyone can say they have faith in God but when uncertainties and setbacks are encountered … then the real testing of our faith begins, and many lose courage and walk away.

Be encouraged … your test is to increase your confidence in God. Therefore, we must cheer each other on for we do not know what tomorrow holds for anyone of us.

The next leg of the journey in the year 2020 requires 2020 vision where you know your worth and know the value of holding your own pen.

Amazing Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Forget all the things that tripped you up this week and choose to have a great weekend.

Make the weekend count by doing small things with great love.

It’s time to smile.

Thank God it’s Friday! A happy heart is a thankful heart.

Thank you for being a part of my life. Without YOU there will be no ME! See you on Monday when I get to share my thoughts with you.

Stay safe! Stay happy! Stay free!