It’s Time To Fight For Our Families

No one can change who they are related to by blood. God in all His wisdom strategically selected every member of our family. The functional ones and the dysfunctional ones.

Our families are under great threat because of the ever changing negative behavior of the society we live in. It’s a godless society.

The destructive thinking has created open rebellion in our homes against the things of God and His Word.

Our family’s values, beliefs, trust, respect, teamwork, goals, dreams and accountability have taken a devastating loss over the years and our homes have been shattered….some to the extent of total destruction. The walls have collapsed.

Families must get ready to go to war. The battle for the wounded ones must become our greatest priority.

No one must be left behind. God is searching for the disenchanted and bringing back those who have lost direction.

God is ready to nurse the injured, and strengthen the weak.

Who’s fighting for our children? Who is fighting for the next generation? God is ready to step in and make things right. He’s looking for one family member to say, ‘Yes Lord, I’m ready to fight for my seed.’

Our struggles are real. There’s a sound of war and our families are worth fighting for. We must be prepared to go to battle.

The devil will just love to see our families torn apart. If he can scatter the family then he wins.

But with God as the Head of our home, the Silent listener to our every conversation…we can recover all and take back our spoils.

God never gives us more than Jesus can handle….not us…but Jesus can handle. That’s why our relationship with God should take top priority.

Even when we don’t have one shred of evidence how Jesus will do it….we must trust that He can accurately interpret our wordless sighs and our painful groans. It ain’t over until God says so.

Every detail of our family’s history is being carefully crafted into a powerful sermon.

Don’t lose heart.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like now…it’s all about the ending. Every storm runs out of rain, and every dark night turns into day.

We must learn to trust God’s timing. Hold on pain ends.

The Audacity Of Believing God

The meaning of AUDACITY is the courage or confidence of a kind that other people find shocking.

We are living in the times when people will appear to be godly but will quickly deny the power of God.

Don’t let it faze you. Every scripture was God-inspired and is useful one way or another…so we stand in the audacity of believing God.

To believe that God is always 100% going to come through in the midst of fierce opposition requires a bold and fearless approach in believing that when the LORD speaks, no one can go against it.

If the darkness covers over everything that you dare to believe in…if your thoughts turn into nightmares…if sleep evades you and you spend your time watching scary movies on repeat…if you feel the urge to quit…

Listen carefully…believing in God will definitely be worth the fight.



God is not human, He does not lie nor does He change His mind

He doesn’t speak and not do what He says

He doesn’t promise and not come through

He doesn’t bless and then changes His mind

There’s something miraculous about believing God that makes life interesting…

Evil people run even though no one is chasing them

Honest people are relaxed and confident, and bold as lions

The LORD doesn’t save us using weapons. The LORD owns the war

Our strength comes from God

God says, “Stop fighting and know that I am God”

We wouldn’t be afraid when the world falls apart. He is our safety net.

Trust The Process

God has all power in Heaven and on earth to call anything into being…but He gives us all a free will to make our own choices.

It’s impossible to get wisdom if a person doesn’t fear God….but He gives us all a free will to make our own choices.

When you think you have used your last resource…Jesus always has a miracle waiting to happen…but He gives us all a free will to make our own choices.

When that takes place it’s usually the best thing that ever happened in your life. But we all have a free will to make our own choices.

Sometimes there are no reasonable answers to life’s complicated situations…There’s a miracle waiting to happen with our names on it. But we all have a free will to make our own choices.

The church is sometimes the last resort for folks to go for help…but yet we arrive at church in limousines following the hearse carrying the caskets of our dearly departed loved ones.

We all have to die but some people leave earth with a brighter hope that one day we will understand more than we do now.

Isn’t it a little too late to take our loved ones to church in a hearse? Could Jesus have helped if He was given a chance?

It’s a great time to consider that not every sickness needs a medical doctor.

Not every home issue needs a lawyer or a banker.

Not every crisis has an earthly reason.

Many of our difficult problems can be solved solely by an intervention from God….but God has given us a free will to make our own choices.

Who do you turn to when you’ve done all you can and it seems like it’s never enough?

God has a purpose and a plan. Just trust the process. We all have a free will to make our own choices.

Oh Yes! It’s Friday

No amount of words can adequately describe how much I appreciate your support and encouragement on my journey as a writer.

Our months have turned into years and our years have made me grateful that my work is appreciated by you.

Someone said, “Laughter is a language that everyone understands…so let’s start laughing…it’s Friday.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Without YOU there’s no ME.

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship.

See you on Monday when I get to share my heart with you once again.

Reminder – I remember you always in my prayers.

🦃🦃Thankful Thursday 🦃🦃

To my many family members, loved ones, and friends living in the USA – Happy Thanksgiving.

May every table be spread with handwritten notes of all the things you were thankful for over the last twelve months.

Take time to laugh and spread the love with your loved one…next year is not promised.

Here’s a special edition of FUNNY quotes about Thanksgiving…

Happy Turkey



Who’s Holding Up Your Arms?

Exodus 17:11-12 is a fascinating account of Moses, Aaron and Hur. The Israelites went to war and as long as Moses held up the staff in his hands they were winning. But when his hands grew tired, the enemies were winning.

So when Moses grew tired, his friends put a stone under him so he could sit, and Aaron and Hur held his hands up – one on each side…so his hands remained steady until sunset.

The question is, “Who is holding up your hands?”

‘Thanks for holding up my hands’ was something I said to a very dear friend of mines on the phone. That day I received some very disturbing news that caused my heart to break into a million pieces. I would usually go into my time alone with God in times like this…but this time the devil had swung at me from a blind side and he paralyzed me with the blow.

This time I just couldn’t get past the pain of my broken heart...I needed someone to hold up my hands.

When life gets you down and you can’t see God in the storm…you need that one person who would drop everything they are doing to hold your hands up.

When you choose your friends, choose those who have a prayer life, someone who will give you sound advice, someone who wouldn’t allow you to question your faith, and who will end the call leaving a song in your heart.

A valley experience is when you feel alone whether physically or mentally. It’s a very difficult time and extremely hard to work your way through. It’s not a comfortable place to be because you feel numb and extremely fragile.

That’s when you need a true friend to hold up your hands. I thank God for this one friend who knows how to throw that lifeline out to me to get back into the fight.

It’s normal to feel discouraged, but it’s unwise to stay that way.

Your ability to get back into the ring… depends on your willingness and courage. A prayer a day keeps you fighting in the frontlines.

Just like GOD – while I’m writing this blog, I received a phone call from one of my daughters reminding me that she’s got me and she’s praying without ceasing.

This was followed by one of my sisters who made me laugh so loud that it cleared my mind…and the more I laughed, it’s the more she kept going.

Then I received text messages from another daughter who took a break from her board meeting to share with me that she too have been praying along with her friends.

Who’s holding up your hands?

Good friends are hard to find, so appreciate the ones that take the time to hold your hands up.

Everytime Moses hands were lifted, they were winning.

Mama Mommy Ma

Any female can have a child (12 year old give birth to a healthy boy)….but it takes a woman who is selfless, sacrifices her needs and wants for her children’s needs and wants, who works hard to make her children have a firm and solid foundation to be a good mother.

A mother is a protector and nurturer …and even if the job of parenting is a long and winding road she handles it with grace each and every day.

As the little humans grow up to be adults the true strength of the mother is put to one of the greatest tests …the long awaited phone calls just to hear their voice whisper, ‘Hi Ma all is well. I love you’ is a win for her.

Somebody’s mother cries herself to sleep at nights as she must accept the reality that her child is gone and the phone isn’t going to ring.

Forgiveness as a mother goes like this – seventy times seven each and every day. That’s a whopping 490 times a day…then multiply that by 365 days another 178,850 times per year just dealing with forgiveness.

A good mother seeks God’s grace and strength as she keeps her household together even while she herself maybe falling apart in her room, or in the car, or on the bathroom floor.

God is the One who chooses which home to place an unborn child and as mothers we don’t get to handpick our children…so we are learning on the job and hoping every night after they are in bed that you did a great job.

It’s the ‘One day at a time ‘Sweet Jesus’ and ‘Jesus please take the wheel’ moments each and every hour.

Many times mothers silently break under the weight of a rebellious child, but mothers are resilient and courageous and God promises that they will laugh at the days to come. It’s a promise.

God can certainly take care of mothers. Nothing is too hard for God to handle late in the midnight hours.

Some children insist on taking the harder road and all we as mothers can do is to pray that her child will find their way SAFELY back home.

Our children were custom- made for our homes, and in spite of them not coming with a ‘how to care for’ package…God guides us accordingly day by day. Today’s trouble is enough for today, so He gives us our daily portion.

With the ‘hiccups’ we must keep believing for God to give our children dreams and goals that will drive them to their destiny.

Faith in God is not based on our feelings and our ever changing emotions. It’s a choice to trust God while going through the darkest and scariest moments.

You know those times when we just don’t know what’s happening in our children’s lives…that’s the time we need to take a deep breath and ask God for the family to get through the unknown.

Talk to yourself

● Talk to God

Interrupt your thoughts before you start believing the lies

Don’t let the love for your children keep you outside of God’s purpose…otherwise, you will have to live outside of God’s purpose to sustain them.

Finally, when we see only one set of footprints in the home…it was God who carried us through it all. Be thankful that you didn’t have to do it alone.

Carefully and slowly read the quotes if you have ever questioned your parenting skills ...👠👠