Happy Thanksgiving CANADA

Even if we don’t get what we want, having a spirit of gratitude takes the focus away from what you don’t have to the things you have.

‘Thank you God’ is the greatest prayer of all times.

Some people believe that they don’t have anything to be thankful for. The truth is, the more thankful you are for the little things is the happier you will be, and the more you will love your life.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to enjoy it. I love my comeback after experiencing a painful situation. I may cry but when I’m done, I’m coming out stronger than before.

Be thankful no matter whatever the obstacles may be. Pray all the time to see the good in the eye of the storm.

I need some people to be thankful with me:

● The LORD our God is with us in every season of our life – He is with us every step of the way. Thank you Jesus!

● They that put their trust in Him will never be bought to shame. Thank you Jesus!

● God will take away the sadness. You have carried that burden for too long, and He wants to give you rest. Thank you Jesus!

God prepares a feast for you in the presence of those who look down on you. Your cup will overflow with blessings. Thank you Jesus!

● All those painful separations will turn into reunions. Thank you Jesus!

● God will change shame into praise. You will see it with your own eyes. Thank you Jesus!

● All those things we were mocked for and ashamed of …. was appointed by God for praise and fame. Thank you Jesus!

● Not many of us were wise in the way the world judges wisdom.

Not many of us had great influence.

Not many of us came from important families.

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. Thank you Jesus!

God chose the weak things to shame the strong. Thank you Jesus!

God chose what the world thinks is not important to reveal His purpose. Thank you Jesus!

God chose what the world hates and thinks is nothing…He chose you and I. Thank you Jesus!

● God does this…so no man can brag before Him. If a person brags, he should brag ONLY about the LORD. Thank you Jesus!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! No need to count calories today… Just your blessings 🇨🇦

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving CANADA

  1. Great exhortation and reminders that we all have blessings that we can count. I am happy that I can count you among my many blessings. Have a great day and week!

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