Believe In Yourself

I keep sabotaging my best intentions. I am obviously not perfect. I have the desire to do what’s right, but then I sometimes trip up on carrying it through.

At times wishing I had done things differently keeps replaying over and over in my mind like a damaged disk.

My forgiveness for myself is not always fair but my forgiveness towards others comes so easy.

When I live with self condemnation from wishing that I had done things differently….my peace is greatly affected and my spirit gets heavy.

The baggage of my past failures is heavy. And it hinders me from being the best I can be….but I must believe in myself that my mistakes will turn into golden stepping stones.

Guilt and regret are too heavy for any human to carry without an intervention from the Almighty God. Guilt is awful if not confronted immediately.

We cease to be effective and that’s exactly the position that our enemy wants us to be in.

Wishing we had done things differently buries us under the weight of guilt, shame and regret.

Remember that we are seeds. Trees have been growing for a very long time without any help from humans. Allow nature to take its course. You can push past those things that weigh you down.


2 thoughts on “Believe In Yourself

  1. Dearest Junie, I have been blessed and privileged to have personally witnessed the number of lives that you have made a difference in, myself and my family included. May you be strengthened and encouraged to finish strong. I thank GOD for you and I am confident that GOD, who sees what is done in secret, will continue to reward you openly.

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    1. My dear sister, what was God thinking when He put us in the same family? When I count my blessings, I count you many times. Thank you for doing life with me even though we are miles apart. Love you my sister and my friend


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