A Letter to 2018

Dear 2018,

Our time together has been unforgettable. As we get ready to say so long to each other…lucky for us, we both are eagerly looking forward to the new kid on the block “2019”.

Our curveballs came fast and furious throughout the year, but you stood cheering me on from the sidelines and your loud cheers kept us in the game.

We won many battles and we lost some important ones. But our love for adventure allowed us to see the sunny side of life.

We took nothing for granted but give thanks and praise for each new day.

We made plans and the LORD stood with us and gave us strength. You were an amazing companion.

Our bad seasons made us more determined to make our comeback story a powerful message.

And wouldn’t God do it again? He pushed back the waters and miraculously we walked through the storms.

We have stories to share with our children and the generations after …of how the LORD delivered us from those high winds and dangerous waters.

Thank you 2018 for preparing me to feel comfortable with 2019.

2019, I believe that we would be lifelong friends as there are so many dreams that will become our reality.

3 thoughts on “A Letter to 2018

  1. You are phenomenal. Your consistency is exemplary. Your words encouraged the hearts and lives of thousands. May God continue to grant you His blessings and His peace. Do enjoy the holidays and we look forward to an even better 2019.

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    1. I thank God for every remembrance of you. Thank you my dearest husband and friend for your love and encouragement. You are phenomenal. Love you more than words can do justice 🤗🤗


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