Be Empowered

LIFE IS A JOURNEY. A journey is to travel from one place to another. Whether you are driving, running, flying, roaming, or crossing over … you are on a journey. If you are facing 1000 steps to climb, or you are on the peak of a mountain or in the lowest valley, or you’ve had many delays … as exhausting as the journey can sometimes be you’ve got to keep going because life is like having a one-way ticket in hand.  

Your journey cannot be exchanged or auctioned off on eBay or Amazon. It’s yours for as long as you are alive and the truth is, it was prepackaged with your name on it the moment you stepped into this world. Good and bad things happen … it’s the package life comes with and it’s uncontrollable by human’s hands.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves one question – ‘Should we just sit here waiting to die?’

The days, weeks, months, and years of our journey are to be lived well to the best of our understanding of our purpose. EVERYTHING you are facing is designed to stretch your faith and never to kill your momentum. God stretches our faith because He knows that if He can get us to trust Him in the scariest of times … it will be less intimidating the next time around.

Faith is like the muscles in our bodies if we don’t use it, we will lose it. Faith must be used so it can grow. When faith is not used, we lose it and start blaming God.

I’ve found that when my mind is consumed with who, what, where, and how … they are warning signs that my thoughts are being derailed and it’s a guarantee that I will lose heart in the journey. If your thought life is being filled with trash talk then the weight will slow you down and you will lose focus.

Never become preoccupied with questions that you cannot answer for yourself.

Keep moving! Be empowered! God keeps watch! Complaining doesn’t get you up the 1000 flight of steps. Making excuses leads to death of dreams, laughter, exploring your options and seeing the beautiful things along the way. You should not be the same person you used to be when you started your journey.

Every obstacle, every person you met, every place you walked, every tear you shed, every dream that was squashed, every love that you gave that was not reciprocated, every year you lost in the valley, every prayer you’ve prayed … have made you who you are today. Some journeys take us through dangerous and difficult circumstances but through it all we will learn to trust God.

We are being kept while on the journey. It’s in the delay and uncertainties that our level of faith will prove if it is genuine and legit. Anyone can say they have faith in God but when uncertainties and setbacks are encountered … then the real testing of our faith begins, and many lose courage and walk away.

Be encouraged … your test is to increase your confidence in God. Therefore, we must cheer each other on for we do not know what tomorrow holds for anyone of us.

The next leg of the journey in the year 2020 requires 2020 vision where you know your worth and know the value of holding your own pen.

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