Grown Up Conversations

Be Alert!

It’s no fun when we wake up feeling overly anxious about life and feeling like a failure. The question is, Do we understand who is behind all of this?

The Bible says in Luke 22:31 that Satan has demanded PERMISSION to vigorously shake our faith in God with the sole purpose of bringing on discouragement  Jesus is praying for us. Satan’s goal is to weaken our faith in God.

Someone said, “A man can live about 40 days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only ONE SECOND WITHOUT HOPE.”

Our thoughts control the traffic in our brains and makes it feel like rush hour on a busy highway. Our thoughts create panic, and fear – driving us into a state of despair and depression. After sitting alone stuck in a thought traffic jam we wake up with a tangled wrecked mind.

To be honest we human beings make life more complicated than our heavenly Father designed life to be. God is already working on the things you have been worried about. When things are outside our control we panic. And to add to the madness we pretend that everything is perfect until we crash.

Another unfortunate scenario is that we become obsessed with competing to be better than our circle of friends, and if that fails, we go into seclusion. The biggest mistake is when we become preoccupied with other people’s opinions – never a good idea. Dreams die there. We spend every waking moment analyzing everything in our lives. No wonder we end up depressed and saddened.

The truth is nobody has it ALL together. Everyone of us have our very own demons that we are hourly battling with. Remember that Satan has demanded permission from God to vigorously shake our faith/hope with the sole purpose of crumbling our trust in God.

Satan’s job is to steal our hope, to kill our confidence in God and to push us over the edge. But for those who choose to have a relationship with God, we are comforted with the truth that Jesus is praying for us that our faith will not fail.

Every time the devil attacks your mind with fearful and anxious thoughts say this, “The battle is LORD’S” The person who just won that big contract now must face bigger challenges to make it successful. The mother of that beautiful newborn baby has a long road ahead of her as her nights turn to days and her days feels like a doctor on 24 hours call.

Is it possible that we are frustrating our own selves by believing we are all writing the same chapters, so we become saddened by watching other people’s chapters? Life is not meant to be a competition.

Gentle reminder, naked without clothes we made our grand entry into this world…and naked without clothes, house, degrees, cars, spouses, children, professions…we are all leaving this world. So, what profit is it if we gain all the wisdom, reach the peak of our careers, only to become disenchanted…feeling like a failure?

Success doesn’t guarantee anyone happiness. What if life didn’t turn out the way we hoped it would have? Failure should never lead to death of body, mind, or spirit.

Life is not meant to live without Jesus. If we find ourselves losing our peace – it’s a warning sign that our thoughts are under an attack. Trust in the LORD forever and lean not on our own understanding.

Quote: “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket away and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. Trust God today no matter what how dark your situation.

God says, “You are coming out.”

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