What If I Fall?

There are numerous times per day when we do feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by stuff that goes through our minds. Most of us take the less resistant state of worrying which always brings us to Anxiety and Fear. I believe women worry a lot more than men. Women are detail oriented.  We always need to have immediate solutions or fixes to EVERY thing that comes to our mind.   

It’s ‘sort’ of unimaginable to believe that as early as midday, most women are already so EXHAUSTED from handling home affairs,kids, coping with their full time jobs, and the additional task of wrestling with all ‘the stuff’ IN THEIR HEADS. As women we become increasingly anxious with every passing hour if there’s little or no resolutions to those troubling concerns we mentally wrestled with all day long.

It’s a fact that many things in life will always remain out of our control because of our human limitations.

It’s funny how we worry about everything that is outside of our control, and we know it, but yet, we continue to have daily stressful mental dialogues. Worrying seems to come so natural to us, before we realize it. Our bodies get all tensed and we are bent out of shape. Worrying turns into anxiety, and creates insomnia making things worse. 

The older I get is the greater communication I have with God. Life has taught me that nothing changes unless you pray about it. As soon as I believe negative thoughts are turning up my anxiety level, I slide back into my safety net,  “Let me talk this over with God” first.

 We must remind ourselves that there’s nothing outside of God’s control. The struggle between worrying and resisting the urge not to worry is real. So in these moments, it’s imperative that we speak to our soul and ENCOURAGE ourselves that -God’s got this.

God really has everything in the entire universe under His control. The rumblings of war, the dysfunctional family, the finances, the tomorrows, etc. He is never frazzled nor out of options if there’s a crisis of any kind. He’s our Heavenly Father who will never abandon us when things get chaotic. He’s totally aware of all the seasons in our lives, and even the seasons that are pending in the atmosphere around us that we’re not even aware of.  

It’s quite an achievement when we begin to programme our brain to accept the fact that God will not abandon us. He has COMMANDED the devil NOT to touch our SOULS. It’s reassuring to know that our soul remains intact in the midst of disaster. It’s like the engine of a high end car after a wreck – the engine remained in tact.

So, – What is our soul? 

It’s the part that’s alive within us that allows our relationship with God to remain in PERFECT peace and confidence in Him. When our relationship with God is sincere, even if things may appear to be falling apart  – our relationship with Him REMAINS INTACT, peace takes control of our mind, and God is glorified.

WE WILL NOT FALL!! We were created with a resilient mechanism to overcome huge challenges. OUR FATHER TEACHES US DAILY TO FLY through storms.

Jesus is the original storm whisper. When you face anything that seems overwhelming, put it in the hands of God and declare, ‘God’s got this.’ Keep praying. Don’t quit. Miracles happen every day. Never stop believing. God can change things in a blink of an eye. 

If you ever hang your head down – make sure it’s only to pray. I am not an expert on prayer, but I believe in the power of prayer. Nothing takes God by surprise. 

7 thoughts on “What If I Fall?

  1. Brings me right back to our Mother’s favorite hymn “‘Tis so sweet to trust in JESUS”. I’m so glad I learned to trust HIM!
    Blessings and favour, my dear sweet sister πŸ‘­ πŸ’–


  2. Reblogged this on Amazing Grace and commented:

    It’s Day 2 of 2017!!! Time waits on no one. Before you know it, another year is ended. Let’s purpose to live life with purpose each and every day.
    If you ever hang your head down, make certain it was to pray.


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