God Got Me In The Palm of His Hands

If you are a parent and your child comes to you with a request it’s proof that the child believes you will or can meet his need. If every time your child asks you for something and you say no all the time – your guess is as good as mine – the child will stop coming to you. 

My relationship with God has somewhat been like a parent and a child. The bond that God and I share has been unshakable over the years. My experiences with God have bought me to a place of self awareness that I’m important to God, and God knows He’s important to me. So when I go to God in prayer I know that He hears me and I’m safe knowing He has my best interest in the palms of His hands. Whatever is the outcome after I pray – I trust his wisdom. 

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death – I will fear NO evil. The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I be afraid. 

  • Many people believe there’s a God
  • Many people don’t believe in God
  • Many people think there’s a God but are not sure 
  • Many people believe that God is in nature – so they worship the sun, moon and the stars
  • Many people believe that the Bible is God’s Word
  • Many people believe that the Bible is not God’s Word  

Whatever is your belief, there’s one fact –  no one can argue someone’s personal testimony of God. 

On Saturday March 11, 2017 I was experiencing excruciating pain in my back, my side, my abdomen, and the groin area. I felt sick to my stomach and was puking intensely. On arrival at the doctor’s office I did an ultrasound to determine if I had kidney stones. It was confirmed that there was a kidney stone lodged in the walls of my uretha. A further testing done by a CT Scan confirmed the size was 4mm along with the exact location. 

I left the doctor’s office with tablets of all kinds for many purposes: antibiotics for an infection, pain medication, tablets to increase the flow of urine, and an injection that I received on arrival to stop my nausea and the excruciating pain. .

The size of the kidney stone was only 1mm less than what is the recommended size to have it shattered. I was told by more than one doctor and an urologist that the pain would be severe and what to expect when I’m passing the stone. I left with so much information and every advise was on point with other people’s opinions who had the same experience like me. 

All during my pain and discomfort I found myself praying and asking God to allow me to pass this stone without any pain. Amidst the knowledge of those who had their own experiences and what the doctors forewarned me would be an ordeal – I trusted God to get me through this painful experience with a testimony. 

I was a very good patient taking all medications as prescribed and gulping glasses upon glasses of endless water and cranberry juice. This accomplishment was totally mind blowing the amount of liquid I was able to intentionally digest. Still I kept on praying  and believing God for a miracle to pass the stone without any further excruciating pain. 

My prayer to God would be – I know that everyone says it’s painful and it will be unbearable once the stone frees up and passes out. But, please Lord, ‘Don’t let this happen to me. Allow me not to feel any pain.’ I reminded God of how He reversed Vertigo in 2014 after being diagnosed. 

Well, the good news is – I’m writing this blog on a plane heading back home to Canada – 4 days after my initial kidney stone episode. It’s now over twenty-four hours since I last took my pain medication. I sat through the entire six hours flight with NO pain or discomfort. My handbag is filled with all the medications but I haven’t taken not one of the pain medications. 

My testimony is yet another track record in my life of the healing power of my God. I’ve proven God over and over again. I believe that the stone dissolved and came out WITHOUT any pain.

You can have your doubts and questions about my God, but my testimony has proven that my God hears and answers my prayers. Not just once nor twice but countless times. This incident was not mind over matter because I have the ultrasound and the CT scan to prove it. My pain is gone and my body is back together functioning in the right way again. 

There’s just too much evidence in my life of the presence of a Great Mighty Powerful Miracle Working God. 

I believe and it was accounted to me as righteousness. 

Thanks to all who was aware of my predicament and prayed me through it. To those who did not know I trust my testimony would prove to you that God hears and answers according to your faith in Him. 

Side note: I did not miss a day writing  my blog inspite of my pain. I proved God and God did not let me down.

3 thoughts on “God Got Me In The Palm of His Hands

  1. Praise GOD for your firsthand testimony of GOD’S eyes and hands being on you. Thank you for sharing your testimony as a reminder of the healing power of our GOD. Scripture tells us that HE is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. I rejoice with you! Praise GOD!! Faithful ONE! What a mighty GOD we serve!


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