The Best Moments At Grandma’s Home are Sleepovers 

Grandchildren are the REWARD of old people. Proverbs 17:6 ICB

My favorite people call me ‘Mama’. There’s a little spark that burst into flames of love whenever you hear your grandkids say ‘Mama or Papa.’ There’s a bit of magic in the names that literally makes everything feel so much better. Indeed, our grandchildren are our reward. 

Love is … spending time with your grandkids. Because of my husband and my busy travel schedules we look forward to spending quality time with our grandkids whenever we are home. The love shared between grandparents and grandchildren is extraordinary. 

My favorite ‘aha moment’ is when our grandkids arrive at our front door and they run to hug us  with so much excitement. There are days when I decide to hide waiting impatiently to hear if they would ask for me. It didn’t take them long to ask their Papa, “where’s Mama?” There’s just so much excitement and happiness when our quiet home instantly turns into a circus. You start to act goofy and do things you never thought you would do. 

Having our grandkids over for sleepovers is so much fun. It’s like a bunch of kids sleeping over with no adults in the house. Everyone falls asleep in a king size bed until grandma gets too hot and wiggles her way out and stumbles into another room hoping no one follows her. 

Here’s a peek into a weekend with Mama and Papa: 

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s exhausting
  3. The well kept home looks like a camp site 
  4. The kitchen looks like a Saturday night at a restaurant 
  5. Your home is full of furniture but yet someone will find their way to sit on your lap to whine about getting hurt while playing
  6. Grandkids will walk past their Papa to ask for a snack while you’re showering 
  7. Forget trying to nap when they come over  — they team up to ask you question after question. They poke you in your eyes, speak loudly into your ears and then they are hungry AGAIN 
  8. Grandkids can break the Guinness Book of records in saying the word “Mama”  20 times in 5 minutes
  9. Grandkids assume you know all the names of the dinosaurs family. If perchance you don’t know the names of the dinosaurs like –Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaur then they frustratingly try to teach you how to pronounce those long winded names 
  10. When the grandkids are over and you have put them down into bed —two things happens: 1. You have to decide whether you should go to bed or 2. Stay up and have some alone time

    When I count my blessings I count my grandkids twice. The real miracle occurs when your child’s child is born.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all grandmas!!! ❤️

    4 thoughts on “The Best Moments At Grandma’s Home are Sleepovers 

    1. You’ve said it all. They light up your life and are indeed a bundle of joy.
      We pray and thank God for each one of them by name on a daily basis.


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