The Way You Speak to Yourself Matters 

There’s no one on earth who always does good and never sins. Even followers of God will do some good and some bad things.

Let’s get this point out of the way – “Perfect people do not exist” …. so the next time you hear someone saying bad things about you…. remember we too have said bad things about other people. 

Don’t give up just because of what Jane or John said about you. It’s important to believe in yourself when no one else does. 

You will learn very quickly that it’s impossible to control what others say about you. The master control is always in your hands … be conscious of what you are thinking about. 

I think it’s a great shame for us to grow old without climbing some really steep mountains. If we stop to pick up baggage along the way, we will never be able to reach the peak. When we feel like we cannot go to another level, those are the days we must push harder, giving it everything we’ve got. 

Some days we may not accomplish much, but do not give yourself any excuse not to get it done today. 

In my life, I’ve loved. I’ve been hurt. I’ve made some mistakes …. but one thing you can count on …. you will never see me broken and wounded waiting around for someone to pick me up. Get up! Dust your bum! Be kind to yourself! Go climb your mountain! 

Psalms 119:165 

“Those who love your teachings will find true peace. Nothing can make them fall.” 

Wisdom can make one person stronger than ten leaders in a city…..God made people good, but they have found many ways to be bad.” Ecclesiastes 7:18-22,29 

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