A Great 2am Reminder

Risi is running around in the park on a bright, sunny day, but something is following herWhen she walks slowly, it walks slowly; when she runs, it runs. I’m relieved, it’s just her shadow. Her shadow makes her look taller than she really is. The sun was behind her causing a shadow to form in front of her.

If we make the Lord our companion, no evil will befall us and no plague will come close to where we live. For He will order His angels to protect us wherever we go.

How many times do we feel that we are alone in our misery and nobody really cares?

When we feel empty, confused, and our mind wanders deep into the unknown….a great 2am reminder is, God is never absent and He does not sleep or slumber.

God is bigger than anything you or I will face today or tomorrow. And the most fascinating part of the story is…He cares.

I remember as a child, my Mom would take us for late evening walks and show us the moon. As kids we were amused by the idea that the moon was following us around. It was interesting to assume as children that the moon was keenly watching us…never missing one step as we literally skipped and danced on the streets.

As adults, let us remind ourselves that because the Lord is with us, we will have all that we need. Our little faith is much when God is in it.

God allows us to rest and He renews our strength in ways past our understanding. He lets us catch our breath when anxiety steps in, and gives us guidance along the way.

We are never alone, Christians or Unbelievers. God knows what it’s like when we are going through a difficult period and He promises to help us if we ask Him to.

The One who keeps the universe in place will never let us down.

The following prayer is a powerful prayer that my Mom taught my siblings and I growing up, and we taught our children, and our children taught their children.

Hope it inspires you to know that you too have a shadow.

2 thoughts on “A Great 2am Reminder

  1. Dearest Junie, what a powerful illustration! GOD will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you for this reminder! Blessings! 👭 💖

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