It’s Not A Rehearsal

■ On Monday I wrote a blog ‘I’m interrupting Monday’

■ Tuesday’s blog was ‘We can rise above the madness’

■ Wednesday’s blog was, ‘A whole lot of uncertainties’

■ Thursday’s blog is, ‘It’s not a rehearsal’

Life is not rehearsal. Life doesn’t wait for you to get your act together. Life doesn’t listen to excuses. Life ticks away like a police’s radar catching every passing second in life.

Life doesn’t give you a second or third or fourth chance.

Life is real, and whether we are ready or not…life without a fanfare comes to a sudden end.

On Wednesday morning while on my way to the airport to catch a flight to my home in Toronto, I received a call from one of my grieving relatives informing me of the passing of my eldest nephew. I was stumped for words as much as my loved one on the other end of the line was…we both were speechless.

After I hung the phone up, my mind flashed back to the titles of my last three blogs this week….Interruption; Rising above the madness; and Uncertainties….

It’s a scary thought to know that any time could be the last time you could be talking to someone as I recall the last memory of my nephew.

■ In August of this year my nephew and I attended a family reunion with dozens of other family members. We shared memories, jokes, hugs, food, etc. It was a lovely evening planned by the younger generation of the family.

I left the evening with happy memories and lots of pictures. Today, as I mourn his passing, my heart is at peace as I reflected with joy the lovely evening we spent together.

Life is not a rehearsal. Nothing ever stays the same. Cherish each moment.

■ So my friends, the lesson in life is, ‘Live life with limited regrets’….we don’t get a second chance to do some things. No matter how loud you shout or cry at the funeral, they wouldn’t hear you.

■ As for the present, I have the weekend to look forward to with my immediate family as we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada. Life is precious. Hold those you love a little closer.

■ My 45th Wedding Anniversary is also just a few days away, and God’s willing I will be afforded another chance to capture great memories with my husband. The person who truly loves you will never leave your side.

Never regret the moments that present itself to make it magical.

Cheers to my Thursday’s blog – ‘It’s not a rehearsal’.

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but this one thing I will do….make every moment shared with my loved ones – magical.

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