Let’s Try Again

Insecurity is a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Most of us feel insecure sometimes, but to feel insecure most of the time is a serious problem that urgently needs to be addressed. Loneliness, and negative beliefs about oneself brings about a FEELING of insecurity.

Rebound relationship leads to greater insecurity. If you fall in love to avoid being alone that is reckless behavior. And reckless behavior leads to emotional instability which leads to impulsive behavior plunging you into a deep pit of unhealthy mood swings and manipulation.

Insecurity in adults is like ordering one of the kids Happy Meals at Mc Donald’s. Whenever and wherever cravings take place you rush out to buy a meal because it’s cheap and it comes with a toy, Meanwhile, within a few minutes you are hungry again and the toy isn’t appealing to you anymore. The only thing is, it’s a lifetime decision that will leave permanent scars in your life and plunge you into deep remorse and bitterness.  

Life is full of disappointments and the struggles are real. If I decide one day to sit and allow Satan to fill my mind with everything and everyone who is working against me, I guarantee you I will not be writing this blog. For many of us we have childhood traumas, unforgiveness, hurt, pain and the list can be as high as the unwashed clothes in your laundry basket, but you must know when enough is enough and allow maturity to snap you out of a self-victimization mode.

Mama did you wrong – OK. Daddy did you wrong – OK. Brother/sister did you wrong – OK. Spouse cheated on you – OK. Neighbor stole your dog – OK. Life throws us all curve balls, but the clock keeps ticking and you must finish writing that last chapter before your time expires.

Reality Checkpoints:

Maturity is choosing to walk away from anything or anyone who steals your joy and leaves you feeling drained. A breakup can be a blessing from the LORD. Stop trying to rekindle what God has already drenched with water.

Rip the bandage off and let it hurt ONCE. If you have ever done waxing, you know the results of this experiment. So, it is when dealing with a painful memory. If you keep looking for an easy fix the pain can last for a lifetime. Or, you can cry it out then tell yourself it maybe hard but you are going to make it.

Until you are comfortable sitting and sleeping alone you will never be at a healthy place to make a good judgement call between true love and loneliness. Try, try, and try again but this time with God. His plans always work in your favor. When in doubt, pray. God never promised a life free of pain but if you trust Him, He will open the right doors and close the wrong doors. God saw you at your worst and He still believes in you – that’s true love. 

It’s less painful to simply do it God’s way (pray, watch, and wait) before rushing off to purchase a Happy Meal. Satan is not your friend so get smart and quit hanging around unhealthy people. Nothing is more painful than being stuck with people and in situations you don’t belong. 

Don’t allow your loneliness to make you act out of desperation. C. S. Lewis says, ‘There would be no sense in saying you trusted Jesus if you would not take His advice.”



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