The Hourglass

An hourglass is a glass container filled with sand that takes one hour to move from the upper to the lower part through a small hole in the middle and is used for measuring time. Sometimes our minds are like that hourglass filled with tiny bits and fragile pieces of life passing information containing truths and lies again and again through a narrow opening in our brain.

Have you noticed how active your brain cells become as soon as your tired bodies hit the sack? If all men are like my husband, then they are gifted with inactive cells in their brains that instantly freezes all thoughts from processing as soon as they hit the sack. But what about women/mothers/grandmothers? From personal experience we don’t have one inactive cell in our brain day or night. We are wired like an hourglass filled with thoughts carrying truths and lies 24 hours a day.

Lying awake in bed in the wee hours of the morning feels like eternity before morning breaks. We lie awake staring at the ceiling deep in thought planning and carefully thinking about the details of something past, present, or in the future. The replaying of things we wish to forget is like listening to the song “Always on my mind” on your playlist over and over again.

I don’t know who said this first, but this is what Jesus taught us about the hour before the cock crows  – “You just have to bow your head, say a prayer, and weather the storm.”

No matter how capable you may feel of running your own life and planning every detail of your future know for a fact that in the end God controls the rising of the sun and even the smallest detail of your tomorrows. He always has the final word whether you are a sinner or a saint. Giving God permission to take ownership of the details of your life is wisdom. 

As your fellow human, sometimes I wish I can suggest another option apart from praying about everything, but Satan will not have mercy on you.

The hourglass device that keeps you wide awake turning and tossing in bed has held many of us hostage with wild imaginations. It’s the hour where your deepest fears lie right next to you whispering uncertainty as the room darkens with sadness.

So, why will anyone want to reinvent the wheel when Jesus showed us how to deal with that kind of sorrow that overpowers us in the wee hours of the morning? Just bow your head, say a prayer, and trust God to calm the storm of thoughts as you intentionally try to keep your mind on the LORD.

Faith reminds you that no matter what lies ahead of you, God stands waiting to help. It will be well. Where your strength runs out, God’s strength begins. When your thoughts become unbearable – God is waiting to talk it over with Him. It doesn’t matter how simple your prayers maybe, the answers to your prayers lies in ”The One” who hears it, and not in your ability to pray.

What is prayer? Prayer is simply talking to God as you would tell a friend about those things that keeps you up at nights. Prayer is admitting that you cannot do life without God. You need a mediator between God and your late in the midnight thoughts.

No matter how old my kids maybe and where they live – I’ve proven that my prayers have kept them many times from danger and evil plans of the enemy. Regardless of how independent your kids maybe and how distant they maybe – no one can pray for them like you.

One mother can pray for ten children, but ten children may not pray for one mother.

The night shift is where you learn about strengths you didn’t know you had, and you deal with fears you didn’t know existed. Only Heaven holds the records to a Mother’s late in the midnight hours answered prayers.


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