Find Your Right Connections

We weren’t made to do life alone. From the beginning of life God created a companion for the first man. His life was incomplete even though he was surrounded by perfection in the garden of Eden. If you want to be happy you cannot achieve happiness being alone, shut behind the door with windows closed 365 days in the year.

Life was made to be shared but it takes maturity, counsel and wisdom to find the right connection. Your journey is too important to miss the right connections otherwise you find yourself  painfully unhappy in a crowd for the rest of your life. You only get to live once but you must choose to do it right with the right people around you. If you have not been making progress with the people around you then it’s time to find your right connections now.

The best time for new beginnings is always now. If you keep shopping at the same store hoping to find your lucky charm connection, you must prepare for repeats of the life you have been hating over the years.

The quickest way to find the true meaning of recklessness is repeating mistakes and failures while still convincing yourself that you’ve got this. If being in a relationship with ‘Dumb’ for one year bought you incredible sadness and you left Dumb and started a new relationship with ‘Dumber’ with the hope he’s better than Dumb then there’s a big chance pretty soon you will be dating his friend ‘Dumbest’ with the hope that life will bring you the happiness you have been waiting for.

I don’t think that anyone can speak to dry bones if they cannot speak life into themselves. My greatest sadness is seeing someone stuck in a cycle of self-abuse while shopping in the same environment that bought them incredible pain. To find the sunshine in life one must prepare themselves to move out of the darkness.

To persuade someone to change where they have been shopping is the most excruciating painful feeling to watch as the story always has the same ending – ‘there’s nothing good in there but maybe someone will drop off a prized possession so I’m not giving up.’ There are great people out there but first you must change where you are shopping.

I’ve seen a great sorrow – folks who go shopping around for happiness on ‘borrowed time.’ Mistakes are not final until they become a habit. One day when life flashes before their eyes hopefully it will be worth watching forcing them to make better choices where they shop. It’s beautiful to find someone who asks for nothing more than your company but it’s more exciting when it is mutual.

Can everyone find true happiness again? Sure! Absolutely!

God asked Ezekiel ‘Can these bones live again?’ Ezekiel was told to speak to the dry bones and God would make breath enter the bones and Ezekiel did.

 And the toe bone got connected to the foot bone. The foot bone got connected to the heel bone. The heel bone got connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone got connected to the leg bone. The leg bone got connected to the knee bone. The knee bone got connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone got connected to the hip bone. The hip bone got connected to the backbone. The backbone got connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bone got connected to the neck bone. The neck bone got connected to the head bone. And they became living humans again. All miraculously done by the spoken word of a powerful God.

Your happiness is found by your connections.













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