Here’s a Little Story

Here’s a little story how my life got turned around. 

Generational curses are as real as you are waking up and smelling coffee. Delinquencies of past generations, morally wrong impulses, and low self-esteem are shortlisted to highlight a few of the vulnerabilities that I had to say, ‘no, this stops at me.’ Now, therefore, it became a deliberate choice for me to choose not to walk in the footsteps of those whose lifestyles I questioned growing up.

Then the Lord took my secret prayers – creatively made my past a learning experience, built my confidence in him, increased my understanding, bought me out of some very deep pit experiences until I came to my own spacious place with a family of my own.

Did the curses of my past generations pursue me? Of course, they did with spirits of rejection, hostility, hatred, and division of all kinds. Then I cried out to God and he put darkness and blindness between me and my past until I became strong enough to stand up nice and tall. He moved me from a place of remorse to a place of stability.

My eyes saw what God did and I moved in and took ownership of my new reality. God removed my self-imposed insecurities without accusing anyone or me wishing anyone evil. God give me homes for which I did not build, cities to live in safety and fruit trees to eat from which I did not plant.

My prayer is, that you will choose for yourselves today whom you will serve. I decided many decades ago whom I will serve, and I’ve put away the images and imaginations of some of my past generations. As Joshua would say, ‘And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.’

No one can serve two masters. Loyalty must be undivided.

We are our own witnesses against ourselves. We are either walking in integrity or grossly overestimating our true relationship with God. The next generations will have to live with our choices. Will they take a stand AGAINST morally wrong impulses and selfish urges or will they choose to walk into the missteps of the former generations?

We make our greatest impression on others by living a life that points others to God. When we keep building a legacy that one day, we will be proud of, we will understand why the fight is real. My prayer is that no one will wait until they are lying on their deathbed to decide to make God a priority.

My kids loving and agreeing with me today is not my goal. My kids stepping into maturity and understanding why I made godly choices is my long-term goal.

Breaking generational requires that you read the Word, believe the Word, defend the Word, live the Word, teach the Word and expose these learned behaviors to our children continuously.

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