Beautifully Broken

I don’t mind repeating what I have written many times before in my blogs, and I hope you don’t mind reading it again.

We have heard it said that sometimes the strongest person is the one who manages to smile through their pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about. Many times, we are not aware of other people’s struggles in life because they are not visible and because they are not visible, we maybe attacking someone who just happens to be pulling at their last effort to be strong. 

It’s always nice to be kind and polite to people as you maybe the last person to interact with them. Why do we wait until it’s too late to say nice things about someone who has suddenly passed away instead of seizing every opportunity to be kind to them? Sometimes, the person who’s been always strong is the person who need someone to be there for them.

Satan does his best to destabilize the confidence in those who are fighting to stay positive. Don’t be fooled for one moment that strong people don’t get thrown into the ring and pushed to their knees struggling to survive every attack. Many strong people have been fighting battles for decades without anyone knowing – waiting for the first opportunity to hear God says, ‘You have won! The fight is over.’

Their personal relationship with God doesn’t exempt them from being thrown into the ring without warning. They are constantly in touch with their own reality, their inefficiencies and their limitations. They don’t wear the fear of uncertainty on their faces nor are they the ones you will see crumbling to the floor. But each time despite the pain God never left them unattended.

Like the Apostle Paul they are reminded that God’s  grace is enough and it’s all that they need to stand up and fight again. And true to form God’s strength comes into full force in their weaknesses. They become beautifully broken because of God’s grace and mercy. They are not perfect. They are real. They don’t have it all together. They get hurt. They feel pain.

Not because their battle isn’t visible means that they are not fighting a battle.

It’s incredible to witness the entire world locked down because of a virus no one has ever seen. Everyone is now the proud owner of a mask, gloves, etc. despite the fact they have never seen the virus. We post about it, stay glued to the television sets, repost all the updates, and essential workers are out front risking their lives to save people who have been tested positive.

Meanwhile, the strong person who’s fighting a battle that no one knows about lives in a world that has gone heartless to them unless they reveal their wounds. The strong person’s secret to their strength lies in their immovable faith in God. They do not admit publicly that they are battling fears just like those who have been tested positive with a virus no one has seen, but they do.

There’s a huge percentage of people who will never believe in God or have faith in God. Why? They claim they can’t see Him, yet they believe there’s a virus out that’s going to get them even though they have not seen the virus.

To the beautiful broken people, you are the real MVP of the decade. You rely heavily on your personal relationship with God and that’s what keeps you going day after day.

In closing, strong people do not apologize for being strong, but they need you to be kind to them just like the weak ones who are visibly shaken from being out on the battlefield. The most beautiful people are beautifully broken. Their heart is secured in God.

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