Today’s Topic: Who’s holding YOUR hand?

God allows EVERYTHING we come face to face with to bring us closer to Him. He uses those difficult times to get our attention. When things are going great, we get on the merry go round. The weather in the neighborhood is perfect for laughter.

Unfortunately, when tragedy strikes – everyone pauses the music to run across town to request pray because the weather in the neighborhood has changed.

The reality is – God has left a void in our lives as humans and the reason is – people need the LORD in ALL seasons and more so when the music stops. A life without God is like an unmanned plane. Gliding for a while but heading for a crash.

The three most important days in your life are: the day you were born, the day you find out why and the day you die.  For most of us we would have already celebrated at least eighteen birthdays and counting. The challenge is the other two important days of our lives still need to be answered. Why were we born? Are we prepared to die?  

The purpose for us to be alive is not just to be happy. Happiness is an emotion that depends on many varied uncontrolled factors in life. A life without a bigger purpose is a life that has no meaning.

Someone said, “GOD without a man is still GOD. But a man WITHOUT GOD is NOTHING.”

The void that we try to fill with shopping, going on vacations, partying, purchasing houses and cars, and making new friends – have proven to be useless. The emptiness we feel on the inside is our need for a relationship with God. God never takes something away from you without replacing it with something more worthwhile.

It might be interesting to look around at our circle of friends, family members, and our own lives and see if we can find one person who is living a life free of challenges.

This pandemic has changed the entire world forever. It’s not “magically going away” and is now part of our daily life and will remain so for a very long time as the death rates soar higher and higher by the hour. Without question, it takes courage and stamina to face the times in which we live. But one fact is clear – God wants to do life with us, and the longer we come to realize this – is the more heartbreaks we will continue to encounter.

With God’s help, we can do more than just survive. We can actually do life proving what it is to follow the Lord with confidence and serve Him fearlessly. You don’t have to ask God – Why me? Why me? Instead we can say – when my days get dark Precious Lord, hold my hand lest I fall. Through the storm, through the night, take my hand, precious Lord, lead me on.

My friends, the question is, “Who’s holding your hands when you’re tired and worn out?” There’s no pain that God cannot heal. With God’s help, we can do more than just survive. We can count on the Lord to be a very present help in the time of trouble.

PRAYER TIME: Dear God, please take my hand and help me not to be afraid of the darkness all around me. Thank you that I do not have to do life alone. In Jesus Name, Amen

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