Today’s Topic: “We Will Get Through This”

Here’s a story I read: “A family had put their Grandma on her first plane flight, but she hadn’t been very confident about the experience of leaving the ground in this unsafe way.

When they met her at the airport on her return, one of the family members asked her, “Well, did the plane hold you up okay?” She grudgingly replied, “Well, yes,” and then quickly added, “But I never did put my full weight down on it!”

We may smile, but for many of us we don’t give God everything. Don’t tell God how big your problems are … tell your problems how big God is. Don’t forget God carries you on eagle’s wings when you get onboard with Him.

Sickness, lack, trouble, family issues are not above your God’s weight limits. Don’t be frazzled by the weight of the load you are carrying. Take baby steps if you must … but take the first step and leave your baggage there with God. Relax. God’s got this!

Be strong in your spirit. When you accept Christ as your pilot – you feel safe and secure from all alarms. You become more and more confident knowing God’s got the load. Trust Him that everything is going to be alright.

God never once in His Word ask us to figure it all out. God is God in the good times when everything is great and He’s the same God in your bad times.

Just as your child thinks the world of you when they get everything they want, you are the same parent when you tell them ‘no’, ‘wait’, or ‘yes’.

As of today you and I have survived all of our worst days. Isaiah 49:15-16 “The Lord replies, ‘Can a mother forget the baby who drinks milk at her breast? Can she refuse to be kind to the child that she has given birth to? Perhaps those mothers might forget their children. But I would not ever forget you, Zion. Look! I have written your name on my own hand.”

Don’t be like the grandma, too afraid of putting your full weight on God. You can’t be holding on and letting go at the same time. You’ve got to make the choice of which one you are going to do. Give yourself a break from being in control of everything and learn to trust in the only One who has the final word over everything.

We step into the unknown even if our confidence wavers. Faith looks foolish to the world, but it’s exciting from God’s view. No one knows about tomorrow. We just live from day to day.

Jesus is The only One who knows what is ahead. There are many things we do not understand, but each step of the way God will safely fly you to your destination.

I’ve had many questions about my flight route. There were times when I didn’t see the light, but in every situation God gave me consolation that my life was in His hand.

Through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus and depend upon on His Word. Knowing and trusting the pilot makes a safe landing.

Prayer Time: Father, when our train of thoughts goes through the dark tunnel of life, help us not to jump off in anxiety and fear, but to sit still and trust you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Become a prayer warrior instead of a worrier. Your prayers will move the hand of God. We will get through 2022 flying through the storms.

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