People! People! People!

Below is a shorten list of the kind of people we encounter along life’s journey. We can’t choose our family, but we have an awesome responsibility to be selective with our friends.

The Book of Proverbs gives a word of caution to the wise:

Wine and beer make people lose control. They get loud and stumble around

An angry king is like a roaring lion, if you make him angry, you could lose your life

People who refuse to argue deserve respect, any fool can start an argument

You might call people your “friends”, but it is hard to find someone who you can really trust

When people live good honest lives, their children are blessed

God hates people who are dishonest

If you love to sleep, you will become poor

Before you start a war, get good advisers

Don’t trust someone who would talk about things told in private

Those who curse their father or mother are like a candle that goes out in darkness

Don’t ever say, “I will pay them back for what they did to me!” Wait for the LORD. He will make things right

If money was easy for you to get, it will not be worth much to you

Even children show what they are like by the things they do. You can see if people’s actions are right or wrong

The Lord gives people’s eyes for seeing and ears for hearing

When buying something, people always say, “It’s no good. It costs too much.” Then they go away and tell others what a good deal they got.

If you read this so far, I believe that you really do care about building healthy relationships.

We are known by the company we keep.

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