Today’s Topic: Family Life”

As a new generation comes along, their beliefs and viewpoints change. This means that every generation looks at life in their own way. Music, morals, religious beliefs, child-rearing, education, and even political views are changing from generation to generation.

At the same time the Bible with its 66 Books that was written over 2000 years ago with everything to do about life has been like a ‘white elephant’ in the room waiting for someone to pick it up and start the conversation.

If the head of every family knew the hidden secrets of having a happy family life was found within the pages of God’s Word maybe, they would have made it mandatory that every generation teach it to their children and their children’s children.

The Bible gives us the survival tools not only to the body but to the human spirit after the many slips and falls of life. Life is difficult to handle without reading the original manual to life.

During the last few years anxiety and depression have hit homes in an unprecedented way as families try to cope with life.

How misguided we will be to keep ignoring the ‘white elephant’ that everyone is refusing to pick up and start the conversation.

We witness firsthand the devastating effects that alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, child molestation, physical and emotional abuse, divorce, having children with multiple partners, and poverty have had on the family.

If we fail to plan, then we are planning to fail. Healthy families do not happen by accident. It takes your commitment to read God’s Word and let God show you the secrets to building a stronger and healthier family unit.

What are you willing to give up? Do you really want to see change? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of making excuses for the curve balls that hit our home? You got to push past the discomfort of unpopular decisions.

Sean Covey says, “Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.”

Lightbulb Moment: We become what we repeatedly do. It’s time to ask the Savior for help as we move our family upward and out of the broken cycles. Take accountability for yourself and your family.

Read the Bible together. Your children will learn how to apply God’s teachings in their lives and receive advice from God for themselves. Even if you only read one verse together each morning, studying the scriptures will help your family draw closer to God.

Prayer Time: Father, give us wisdom to make the best choices for our family. Give us grace to trust in you even when we don’t see immediate answers. Give us hope to carry on despite the circumstances around us. We thank you for hearing and answering our prayer. In Jesus Name, Amen

The blessing of a happy home and family is everything. We need a house to live in, but a God-fearing family is what builds a home.


    1. Very true. The worst mistake people make is to only pray when there’s a crisis in the home.

      Family life is beautiful when the foundation of the home stands solid on the Word of God that cannot fail 🙏🏾


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